"Embrace these fates: ice and fire, claw and fang, war and ruin. They are inevitable."
―A Hailstorm Brotherhood proverb[src]

The Hailstorm Brotherhood was a fanatical subfaction of the White Maw pirates on Hoth.


Republic forces first noted a radical subgroup of the White Maw pirates when scanners detected a massive ice spire rising above the Glacial Fissure sector. Scouts sent to investigate the sculpture reported encounters with half-naked warriors wearing wampa furs and screaming poetry as they charged into battle.

The Hailstorm Brotherhood represents an extreme version of "going native." Originally a murderous cult from a nameless ice planet, the brotherhood became a legend when its White Maw members relocated to Hoth, abandoning all pretenses of civilization and instead embracing the call of the wild. They are more than a tribe of survivalists, however. There is a strong spiritual aspect to the Hailstorm Brotherhood that makes them dangerously fanatical.

Behind the scenesEdit

If the player is Empire, only the Empire will take on the Brotherhood. If the player is Republic, both Republic and Empire temporarily collaborate to take down the Brotherhood.



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