Haka Hai was an Ishi Tib crime lord who had a base on Mimban. The Gotal Lumbra worked for Hai.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Hai had a prior association with the captain of the Uhumele Schurk-Heren and agreed to buy a piece of mysterious and valuable cargo that the Uhumele carried.

Hai double-crossed Schurk-Heren however, and decided to take the cargo by force instead. It was at that moment, though, that Lumbra betrayed his employer and a firefight broke out. After Lumbra and his men managed to escape with the cargo, unaware that they were truly carrying a decoy crate, Hai took the crew of the Uhumele prisoner. Deducing that Lumbra had made off with the fake cargo, Hai tortured Schurk-Heren and later Bomo Greenbark in hopes of discovering the cargo's real location.

Hai underestimated Bomo, however, and the Nosaurian managed to escape after being left unattended. With the help of Crys Taanzer, Bomo set a trap for Hai's people at his compound. Bomo killed all of Hai's people in the fighting that followed, including Hai himself.

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