"Have you forgotten how he helped himself to the Presager dagger on Hakotei?"
―The droid CR-8R, reminding Lina Graf of Thom Hudd's actions[src]

Hakotei was a terrestrial astronomical object[1] home to the Presagers of Hakotei, a ritualistic society who sacrificed millions of individuals in attempts to be given visions of the future. The Presagers were thought to be extinct during the era of the Galactic Republic, but several remained hidden on the planet Asusto in the galaxy's Outer Rim, led by the Priestess, an insectoid alien. However, the last surviving coven of the Presagers were inadvertently killed by the Jedi Padawan Dooku, who they had attempted to capture and sacrifice[3] sometime around 82 BBY.[4]

Thom Hudd, a lieutenant in the Rebel Alliance and a former thief, stole a Presager dagger from Hakotei some time prior to[1] a rebel mission led by Commander Lina Graf in the Imperial Era.[5]

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Hakotei was first mentioned in the 2019 audiobook Dooku: Jedi Lost, written by Cavan Scott. Dooku: Jedi Lost was released as an audio-only story, and therefore the spelling of Hakotei was unconfirmed[2] until the release of the comic story "Droid Hunters," also written by Scott and published by IDW Publishing in Star Wars Adventures Free Comic Book Day 2019[1] on May 4, 2019.[6] The script release of Dooku: Jedi Lost later used the same spelling.[3]

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