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"I remember the day we were forced to give you up, to protect the clan. Your sacrifice has never been forgotten."
―Mother Talzin recalls giving up Asajj Ventress to Hal'Sted[src]

Hal'Sted was a male Siniteen pirate who resided on the planet Rattatak. He received the infant Asajj Ventress from the Nightsisters, who were forced to give Ventress to the pirate. Hal'Sted returned to Rattatak with Ventress, where he was later killed by Weequay pirates.


"When I was an infant, my clan was forced to surrender me to a criminal. I became his slave, but he was a surprisingly kind master. He was killed when I was still quite young during an attack by Weequay raiders."
―Asajj Ventress[src]

A Siniteen[2] pirate,[4] Hal'Sted was given the child Asajj Ventress when her mother had been forced to give her up in order to protect the Nightsister clan of Dathomir. Sometime after returning to Rattatak with his new slave, Hal'Sted was shot and killed by Weequay pirates on the planet. Ventress ran out looking for her master, only to find his corpse lying on the ground. The Jedi Knight Ky Narec, who had also been on the planet at the time and was combatting the pirates, found Ventress and took her with him to be trained as a Jedi.[1]

However, Dooku implied that it was Ky Narec who was the one who killed Hal'Sted.



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