Halanit was an ichthyoculture moon colonized around 20 BBY. The moon orbited a large gas giant, and was covered with a thick ice crust, but beneath it crust the inner heat of the moon's core created pockets of breathable atmosphere. The primary settlement was just below the ice, in a fissure that was covered by a double-paneled transparisteel dome. It was an insignificant world for the Galactic Empire and Alliance to Restore the Republic with a low population just over 10.000 people.

During the early stages of the Bacta War, the major colony on Halanit was ravaged by a virus that was very similar to the Cardooine Chills. Rogue Squadron provided the Halanites with a load of bacta taken from one of Ysanne Isard's convoys. Shortly thereafter, however, the population of Halanit was wiped out by Ait Convarion and the Thyferran Home Defense Corps for accepting the bacta.

Gavin Darklighter, who was refueling his starfighter there before the attack tried to protect the colonists. Grossly outnumbered, he was forced to flee the moon after inflicting as much damage as he could.

After the short battle, the Victory II-class Star Destroyer Corrupter initiated a planetary barrage that expanded the damage done by the TIE/sa bombers and stormtroopers. The New Republic sent ships for rescue purposes but none of the colonists survived the attack.



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