Halbara was a planet in Elrood sector. It was known for its monsoons and hairstyles. The planet was owned by Radell Mining.

This planet was the primary world in the Halbara system. Located in the Elrood sector, the planet was owned and operated by Radell Mining. The majority of the planet was covered by tropical rainforests, but it was also ravaged by monsoons most of the year. This made mining difficult, but Radell found the rewards worth the pain. They stationed a security force on Halbara, and gave them authorization to shoot first and ask questions later.


A tropical planet with great mountain ranges, Halbara was a world rich in ores, and was the primary source of Radell's mineral wealth. Halbara's climate was hot and steamy in the spring and summer but the fall was a rainy season, while the winter was characterized by powerful monsoon-like storms. Daytime temperatures reached about 30 degrees centigrade, with thick and uncomfortable humidity. Nighttime temperatures fell to about 15 degrees, but the humidity broke most of the time.

At least a dozen mines dotted the planet, all all of which were run from a centralized location called Halbara One. The world was thick with jungle growth, animals and insects.

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