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"Raystel, staying at his Delaya-based cottage, refused comment."
―The HoloNet News report on the suspension of the Dean[1]

Halcor Raystel, disgraced and former Dean for the University of Alderaan, had a cottage on Delaya,[1] a planet in the Alderaan system.[2] He withdrew to the cottage following a suspension from his position after it came to light he had been abusing the substance ryll and coerced two female students. While at the cottage, he was approached by the Holonet News' CoCo District Edition for a news story on his suspension. He refused to comment and the story was published without his perspective on 13:3:14.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The cottage was mentioned in[1] the March 14, 2002[3] online article "Dean of Aldera Suspended" in HoloNet News Vol. 531 #47, an installment of the HoloNet News website.[1] The article was written by Pablo Hidalgo and Paul Ens.[4]


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