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Halcyon Legacy 2 is the upcoming second issue of the Star Wars: Halcyon Legacy comic book mini-series from Marvel Comics. The issue will be written by Ethan Sacks, illustrated by Will Sliney and Rachelle Rosenberg, and published by Marvel Comics on March 9, 2022.

Publisher's summary[]

YOUR TICKET TO THE HOTTEST RIDE IN THE GALAXY! The Halcyon comes under fire from pirates –with little chance of escape! Who is the mysterious Resistance spy on board that may lead to the fiery end of the ship's 275-year run? And find out how, years earlier, bounty hunter AURRA SING and a mysterious partner gambled with their lives during the galactic starcruiser's era as a flying casino!



Notes and references[]

  1. MarvelLogo.svg Star Wars: The Halcyon Legacy (2022) #2 on Marvel Comics' official website (backup link)
  2. Halcyon Legacy 2 takes place prior to Zam Wesell's death, which Star Wars: Galactic Atlas dates to 22 BBY, meaning that Halcyon Legacy 2 takes place by that year.

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