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Approximately a decade before the Clone Wars, a group of usurpers on the planet Halcyon abducted the planetary leadership and held them hostage in a remote location. The usurpers supported the Halcyon's right to manage its own affairs, and all negotiation attempts with the Galactic Senate had failed. They maintained a secure fortress on Halcyon and had the capability to disable the planet's global positioning satellites, as well as to jam communications.[1]

A team of Republic Judicials, which included Wilhuff Tarkin and was led by Jedi, was deployed by the Republic to eliminate the group and rescue the abducted leaders. The Republic forces manage to defeat the Halcyon usurpers without a single hostage being killed. The unit Tarkin was part of got lost in the wilderness on its way to the group's fortress, but managed to stay alive for days before finally arriving (though the operation was over by then), due to Tarkin's survival skills.[1]


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