Halgir was a pirate captain who headed a loose conglomeration of pirate bands who operated in the Taloron system. Halgir and his minions preyed upon the star system's native Taloron population, a species whose members primarily farmed and traded to make their livings. Through his harsh tactics of intimidation and violence, Halgir cowed the Talorons into doing his bidding. Eventually, the Talorons abandoned their peaceful ways and fought back against Halgir's forces. Halgir responded by leveling a number of Taloron villages. By this point, the species had nearly been wiped out by the pirate raids. Yet, the destruction of their villages cemented their determination to defend themselves, and Halgir's forces soon found themselves facing an organized guerrilla resistance that marked the beginning of the Taloron Pirate Conflict. In the end, Halgir was caught by his opponents and given over to law enforcement officials from the Galactic Empire.[1]


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