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"This is the true art of genetic selection and manipulation. A human is naturally a learning creature, but it is also violent, selfish, lustful, and undisciplined. So we must walk the knife-edge between suppressing the factors that lead to disobedience and destroying that prized capacity for applying intelligence and aggression."
―Hali Ke[src]

Hali Ke was a Kaminoan being and the senior research geneticist of the cloning facilities on Kamino in 27 BBY. During this time, Hali Ke spent many hours with prime clone Jango Fett, interviewing and researching the traits that made him the ideal candidate as prime clone. Ke's research on Fett and other Human subjects led to the Kaminoan penning a memorandum regarding findings from the research, as well as Ke's observations on Humans as a species.

The Kaminoan concluded the memorandum by stating the sterility was in fact not achievable for an army of Humans, given the species' physiological needs. However, Ke outlined multiple strategies for minimizing any negative effects the ability to reproduce might have on the army, which primarily consisted of training regimines and limiting contact with non-clones.


Understanding Humans[]

"In attempting to understand the mental processes and constructs that have sprung from their tangled genetic code, I have interviewed and psychoanalyzed humans from both ends of this broad spectrum. I've spoken — at a safe remove — with a pirate from the Fair Hollis system who lacked the ability to see other organic beings as anything other than objects, and with Kardavan penitents who had spent their entire lives attempting to ameliorate the suffering of beings with whom they shared no bond of kinship or community. Any attempt to summarize the habits, attitudes and psyches of humans would either be so lengthy as to defy useful summary, or so general as to be useless."
―Hali Ke[src]

In the year 27 BBY,[2] Hali Ke was the senior research geneticist of the cloning facilities on[2] the extra-galactic planet[3] Kamino. During this time, Ke penned an internal memorandum that outlined the results of the Kaminoan's research on Jango Fett and of cloning Human subjects. This detailed Ke's extensive research on the society, mentality, and physiology of Humans, which included interviews on a diverse range of subjects, including those performed with a pirate hailing from the Fair Hollis system as well as Kardavan penitents devoted to helping other beings. Ke contrasted the wide range of mental constructs Humans portrayed, noting that the members of the species were capable of an extraordinarily wide range of ethical and moral diversity, with notable extremes on both ends of the spectrum. Ke concluded that Humans dominated the galaxy due to their extreme adaptability to become compatible with the wide range of environments they were found in.[2]

During Ke's research, the Kaminoan logged many interview sessions with Mandalorian bounty hunter Jango Fett, who Ke felt embodied the contradictions Humans portrayed. Ke noted Fett's competency in his chosen profession, but was when Ke suggested that Fett lacked morality in a field primarily devoted to killing, the hunter vehemently disagreed. Ke observed Fett's distain for attachment,[2] while at the same time having the ability to call upon a hundred mercenaries, Mandalorian and otherwise,[1] to assist in the training of what would become the Galactic Republic's Grand Army. Although the Kaminoan noted that Fett cared little for the considerable sum of credits he received for his biological assistance in creating the clone army, Ke wrote that the hunter would gently play with his adopted son, Boba after returning from a violent hunt.[2]

Ke continued the memorandum, citing the differences between Fett and his clones that would be introduced. These qualities mentioned by the genetisist included higher lung capacity, increased fast-twitch musculature, improved stamina and recovery times, and minor allergic reactions and astigmatism. The clones were also produced to be more docile and inclined towards team identity, although some of Fett's independence was still expected to unavoidably surface, according to the Kaminoan.[2]

Clone sterility[]

"It is certainly irregular to recommend that we deliver an army of clone units able to reproduce. But the TRE and Puralan experiments, as well as my experience with humans, tell me that we have no choice if we also want an army that can fight effectively... By following this program, I am confident that incidents of clones reproducing will remain minimal, and their impact further minimized through contrafactual public communications by the customer."
―Hali Ke[src]

Ke's research continued to the issue of engineered sterility in the clone army. Citing results from other Human clones engineered by Kamino, including projects for Tarshan Ring Excavations and the Lords of Purala IV, the Kaminoan genetisist concluded that the clones' ability to reproduce was in fact vital to their performance. Ke projected the unusual lack of sterility in the clones would be mitigated by channeling basic Human impulses towards unit cohesion and minimizing the army's contact with non-clones. Ke also suggested that bioengineered contingency planning should be implemented for behavioral modification, which the Kaminoan noted could be useful if further modification was requested by their employers. Ke concluded by stating that research would continue as the Kaminoan geneticists continued to work on a species Ke considered to be both fascinating and confounding.[2]

Personality and traits[]

"It is truly a pleasure to be producing humans again – and this time with a budget that allows us to linger in the twists and turns of that fascinating genome. Of all the species I have examined and augmented, humans may be my favorite."
―Hali Ke[src]

Hali Ke rose to the rank of senior research genetisist on Kamino, and was fascinated by the vast range of physiological and biological contrasts that the Human species portrayed. The genetisist considered the species to be among their favorite to examine, and interviewed and psychoanalyzed a broad spectrum of Humans from vastly different backgrounds, the most notable being Jango Fett.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

"I was intrigued by that passage and wondered what the context might be. In arriving at an answer, I also tried to address something else that had intrigued me: Why would anyone create an army of clones that could reproduce? This was one of my favorite pieces written for Warfare; cutting it really hurt and I'm very pleased to be able to share it at long last."
―Jason Fry[src]

Hali Ke was first mentioned in the 2004 novel Hard Contact, the first novel in the Republic Commando series written by Karen Traviss, which featured an excerpt from the Kaminoan's internal memorandum.[1] In 2012, the passage was expanded to include the entire memorandum, which was written—with the exception of Traviss' portion—by Jason Fry, and was intended to be featured in The Essential Guide to Warfare. Although the memorandum failed to appear in the finished reference book, it was finally released in the Star Wars: The Essential Guide to Warfare Author's Cut on StarWars.com in 2014.[2]



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