The Hall of Regret was a structure located in a settlement on the polar continent Eshkrene, on the planet Kesh. The Hall was maintained by the Doomed, a Force-wielding group that resided on the continent, and the history of their order was recording on images on the walls of the Hall, which depicted the defeat of the Dark Jedi in the Battle of Corbos during the Hundred-Year Darkness, and the subsequent battle between the Dark Jedi and the Jedi Order over Kesh that led the ancestors of the Doomed to become stranded on the world. All members of the Doomed would visit the Hall of Regret to remind them of their ancestors' past, which the order considered to be regrettable, and in 2974 BBY, the Doomed S'kytri Kaliska escorted the captured Sith Takara Hilts and Parlan Spinner into the Hall, to show them her people's origins.


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