Halla was a Human female who helped Leia Organa and Luke Skywalker in their search for the Kaiburr crystal.

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The eccentric, Force-sensitive, old woman Halla lived on Mimban where she was popular with the mining community. The Temple of Pomojema was known to hold the legendary Kaiburr crystal, which she much sought; she spent seven years searching, often asking natives in return for alcoholic beverages.

Claiming to be a master of the Force, she struck a deal with Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia Organa for them to help her find the crystal; if they did, Halla would help them get off the planet Mimban on which they were stranded. She soon had to rescue Luke and Leia from a prison cell by using the Force to guide a food tray over to open the cell, and she later joined Luke and Leia to speed through the swampy lands of Mimban in a stolen craft, only to be encountered by a fearsome wandrella.

Halla escaped, and found Luke and Leia in a Thrella well. She instructed them to make their way through a tunnel in the well to meet up with her on the other side. Halla made her way to the opposite end of the tunnel, went down in it, but was then captured by the Coway. She was tied up and forced to watch Luke battle a Coway. When Luke won, Halla was released.

She feasted with the Coway, but soon Luke sensed the Dark Lord's approach. The Coway and the Imperials fought a fierce underground battle until the Coway won, and Halla traveled with Luke and Leia to find the crystal at the temple. There she took it and gave it to Luke, who, after defeating Darth Vader and healing Leia's wounds, gave it back to her. She then left Mimban with Luke and Leia to join the Rebel Alliance, though not before admitting to Luke that rather than being a master of the Force, she was really a faker and a charlatan, capable of doing "parlor tricks" but little more.

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