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The Halla sector was a sector of the galaxy. During the Imperial Era, a shipping company owner planned to use his Sphyrna-class Hammerhead corvette to ram the Imperial Central Bank's aurodium vault for the Halla sector.[1]

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In Star Wars canon, the Halla sector was first mentioned in an adventure hook in the 2020 Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars Roleplaying supplement, Starships and Speeders. The hook suggests that the players could join the company owner's plan or just be caught in the chaos it causes.[1]

The sector originated in the Star Wars Legends continuity, where it was first mentioned in the second part of Kyle Katarn's Tale, a series of Star Wars Miniatures scenarios written by Abel G. Peña and Jason Fry and published on the Wizards of the Coast website in 2005.[2]

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