"I can only live so much of a lie."
―Hallena Devis[src]

Hallena Devis was a Human spy for Republic Intelligence during the Clone Wars, and was the lover of Captain Gilad Pellaeon.


Hallena joined the intelligence service of the Galactic Republic sometime prior to the Clone Wars. She was sent to JanFathal during the conflict to help the government there against the Confederacy of Independent Systems-backed revolutionaries. She was captured and held by Separatist followers on after they learned that she was a Republic spy, but Gilad Pellaeon and several Jedi came to extract her.

After the Battle of JanFathal, she unofficially stopped working with the Republic, and journeyed with unorthodox Jedi Master Djinn Altis and his followers. Later she reconnected with Pellaeon, giving birth to a son, Mynar, by him. Hallena officially left Republic Intelligence to try to get her life in order, after becoming disillusioned with the Republic government.

Personality and traitsEdit

Hallena was a caring person, feeling guilty when clone troopers Ince and Vere were killed in her rescue. She became disillusioned with the Republic after the happenings on JanFathal, where she had to support an oppressive regime and found the Separatist revolutionaries to be likable. It resulted in her leaving the Republic's service.

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