"All across Dathomir, you will be known as a Nightsister. You will be hunted and hated. I will be surprised if you live long enough to earn your first grey hair. You will die alone and unloved."
Tasander Dest[src]

Halliava Vurse was a Dathomirian female witch from the planet Dathomir. Feigning allegiance with the Raining Leaves and its successor, the Bright Sun Clan, Vurse was actually a spy, working with the Sith apprentice Vestara Khai on behalf of the Nightsisters, to instigate attacks on the two clans and prevent their unification. But Khai betrayed her, having contacted her fellow Sith to kidnap the other Nightsisters to induct into the Lost Tribe of Sith. When Luke and Ben Skywalker drove the Sith off, Halliava scorned Khai for her betrayal, and in turn, the newly formed Bright Sun Clan banished Halliava from their sight.

As the Skywalkers, Dyon Stadd and a captive Vestara were preparing to leave, Halliava approached them, asking to join them to get revenge on the Sith. Luke says that finding Sith is not the mission and how she will track them down is up to her.

She harbored deep hatred for her former friend, Kaminne Sihn, for her marriage to Tasander Dest, not only because he was male, but because of his lack of the Force.

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