"I'm fully aware of the sort of commotion he causes when I wear him. But what I know—and what you don't know—is that people, when they look at me, only see the two-headed lady. They don't give me a close look, they don't register my features. Meaning that I can tuck Whitecap under my cloak and take off my goggles, and nobody recognizes me. I doubt even you would."
―Hallis Saper, to Wedge Antilles, concerning her "second head"[1]

Hallis Saper was a freelance holodocumentarian who served with the New Republic Intelligence Service. A tall, slender Human female from Bonadan, Saper typically wore her long, brown hair either in a braid or in large, elaborate pilings atop her head. Next to her own head was usually Whitecap, a holorecorder built into the head of a former 3PO-series protocol droid that rested atop her shoulders. Originally trained in sludgenews, Saper experienced a turning point in her career when she accompanied the New Republic's Red Flight to the planet Adumar as a mission documentarian. Despite the fact that the mission did not go according to plan, with the pilots becoming enemies of Adumar's largest state, Cartann, Saper was loyal to the pilots and played a vital role in their survival by convincing Intelligence agent Iella Wessiri to disregard her orders and assist the pilots. Following the mission, Saper went on to join New Republic Intelligence, serving in the Yuuzhan Vong War as part of a disinformation campaign.


Early career[]

Hallis Saper was a Human female from the planet Bonadan who worked as a journalist during the reign of the New Republic. She began her professional career working in "sludgenews," a branch of journalism popular throughout the galaxy which consisted mainly of turgid stories concerning the private lives of celebrities and often sensational "true" conspiracy theories. In that field, a prospective reporter needed to learn all that he or she could about bribery, planting eavesdropping devices and transmitters, and other furtive practices in order to obtain credible stories for publication. Saper learned those skills with aplomb and, having an intuitive grasp of the genre, quit as soon as she could afford to, choosing instead to become a legitimate holodocumentarian.[1]

In that career, Saper was known for her eccentricity, wearing a contraption she had dubbed Whitecap—a combination of an ex-3PO unit's head and a holorecorder—on her shoulder, held there by a restraining bracket. She would also wear dark goggles with sensors that tracked her eye movements, allowing Whitecap to record whatever it was that she saw; the whole outfit made some interviewees, mainly children, uncomfortable, but it diverted attention away from Saper's facial features and allowed her to shadow people once Whitecap and the goggles were removed. In that way, she gained that much more of an edge over her targets, who otherwise mistook her eccentricities for a basic lack of competence.[1]

Mission to Adumar[]

"Well, you're welcome. But I'm afraid that Whitecap is going to have to suffer some additional coding. I need to be able to issue a verbal command and shut him off. Circumstances sometimes demand privacy."
"That was never part of the arrangement. I'll have to refuse."
"Very well. You'll be getting some very good footage of the inside of your cabin."
―Wedge Antilles and Hallis Saper[1]

Saper assisted Wedge Antilles during his mission to Adumar.

In 13 ABY,[4] Saper was invited to document the New Republic's mission to Adumar. Saper was annoyed by Wedge Antilles's order that Whitecap be modified so he could deactivate the device for privacy purposes, but she had no other choice but to comply when Wedge threatened to leave her in her cabin for the whole expedition. The members of the delegation initially made the mistake of seeing her as the "the two-headed lady," keeping that opinion through most of the initial diplomatic functions that she accompanied the pilots on, including their initial reception and when they first met the perator of Cartann, Pekaelic ke Teldan. However, Antilles and the pilots revised their opinion of her after Saper figured out that New Republic Intelligence agent Tomer Darpen was in fact spying on them. While intending to secure Whitecap's remaining parts after he had become damaged during the course of her documenting duties, Saper noticed a man forcing his way in; Saper shadowed him as he raided Red Flight's quarters and, when he left, tracked him back to his own quarters—which happened to be the ones assigned to Darpen. Although Whitecap was now basically useless, Saper did not let that stop her from fulfilling her duties.[1]

Forced to change tactics, which included hiding data-gathering devices in elaborate hairdressings, Saper continued to prove her worth repeatedly as, later in the mission, she recorded damning evidence of Darpen's treachery when he tricked the perator into declaring Antilles, Tycho Celchu, Wes Janson and Derek Klivian enemies of the state and cut off communications to the mission's support ship, the Star Destroyer Allegiance, so the pilots could not signal for extraction. As the pilots were forced to run a gauntlet of blaster-wielding Adumari before attempting escape in local starfighters, Saper was forced to go to ground in order to keep her information safe; during that time she intended to retrieve Red Flight's gear along with Whitecap's remaining parts, but was instead forced to sneak up on and incapacitate a pair of Cartannese would-be robbers.[1]

In the wake of the brief Adumari Civil War, Saper put together and broadcast a series of false news stories pertaining to a supposed guerrilla war waged by supporters of the defeated nation of Cartann against the united Adumari government in order to lull an approaching Imperial fleet, led by the Star Destroyers Agonizer,—formerly under the command of Admiral Teren RogrissRetaliator, and Master Stroke, into believing that as a still-divided world, Adumar was a ripe target for conquest. In the battle that followed, her deceptions enticed the Imperials to divide their starfighter and bomber forces, allowing New Republic reinforcements to penetrate the fleet's screen and deal significant damage to two of the three Star Destroyers in the attacking force.[1] Five years later, Saper created and released the award-winning holodocumentary, Adumar: Five Years of Union.[5]

Career in Intelligence[]

After the Adumar mission was completed, Saper found a new career working with the New Republic Intelligence Service, where she was serving as a major just prior to the Yuuzhan Vong conquest of the planet Duro[3] in 26 ABY.[6] During a meeting with the New Republic Advisory Council, she informed the gathered senators, among them Chief of State Borsk Fey'lya and Jedi Master Mara Jade Skywalker, about the progress of the disinformation campaign that New Republic Intelligence had been attempting to run against the Yuuzhan Vong war machine. However, she had little to report, as the campaign seemed to be accomplishing little up to that point.[3]

Personality and traits[]

"…a whole pile of love notes Janson had been collecting…"
"Hey! You didn't look at any of them."
"No, certainly not… Except for the ones that had been opened, that is. The one from Lady Marri was very poetic, I think."
"I don't believe you--I don't recall any note from a Lady Marri…"
―Hallis Saper and Wes Janson[1]

Hallis Saper stood approximately 1.73 meters tall[2] and had brown hair. Saper was a study in contrasts. While possessing technical skill both in the equipment of her trade and its associated field craft, she also had a good-natured sense of humor. She appreciated the dual nature of her job and how best to pursue her targets in order to get the stories she needed to maintain her career.[1] She was highly intelligent and, though she earned her spurs in the sludgenews business, Saper nonetheless possessed scruples, which enabled her to make a clean break from the tabloid industry. Striking out on her own as a legitimate news reporter and holodocumentarian, she eventually began a career in New Republic Intelligence that lasted through the first years of the Yuuzhan Vong War.[3]

Her skill with machines was demonstrated by her construction and use of Whitecap. In addition, Saper possessed excellent abilities in infiltration, tracking, bribery, and even counter-intelligence duties, all of which served to make her a prime recruit for New Republic Intelligence. Using her talents as a documentarian, she assisted the intelligence agency in creating disinformation campaigns.[3] She was even persuasive enough to cause Iella Wessiri, a Corellian agent formerly of CorSec who was known for her stubbornness, to abandon her superior officer, Darpen, and to help Antilles, Celchu, Janson, and Klivian defy the delegation's standing orders. Despite what her job often called on her to do in order to accomplish her goals, Saper was, in general, an upbeat woman who was very much the optimist. She also possessed a keen and sometimes biting sense of humor and was not afraid to get her hands dirty.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Hallis Saper was created by author Aaron Allston for the 1999 novel X-Wing: Starfighters of Adumar.[1]



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