Hallow Voice was a male Esh-kha patriarch who was born thousands of years ago during the height of his people's reign in the galaxy.


The expanding Esh-kha horde's population grew in number which led to an unprecedented event. This was the birth of Hallow Voice who came when the previous patriarch was still healthy and strong. Thus, came a time when two patriarchs existed amongst the Esh-kha though Hallow Voice was different and an enigma amongst his people. This was because he earned his name due to eloquently expressing strange new ideas about co-existence with other alien species instead of wiping them out. Such a line of thinking was completely foreign to the Esh-kha's way of thinking at the time.[1]

With the large population, it was agreed by all the Esh-kha which included Hallow Voice that a splintering of the groups was needed. Thus, Hallow Voice and his small faction departed the main Esh-kha horde where they experimented with his views. However, during this time, the Esh-kha's rampage across the galaxy attracted the attention of the Infinite Empire. The Rakata later attacked the Esh-kha to end their marauding campaigns that had claimed many of their slave worlds. Hallow Voice's followers were similarly not spared and he appealed to the Rakata to spare his people. However, the Rakata kept the negotiations running until they were confident that the Esh-kha could be contained and captured Hallow Voice. He was later taken to the Rakatan prison world of Belsavis where he was kept trapped in stasis in the vaults with the rest of his kind.[1]

He would remain in this state for thousands of years until the period known as the Cold War. In this era, the Sith Empire struck at the Galactic Republic prison facility on the planet and unintentionally awakened some of the Rakata. The Barsen'thor was also on a quest to find an army to challenge the threat posed by the Children of the Emperor. Learning of the Esh-kha, the Jedi entered the Ancient Prison Caverns where the Jedi Consular was contacted by the Rakata Lhunu who wanted to undo the crimes of his people by freeing Hallow Voice. The Children of the Sith Emperor learned of this plan and attempted to prevent Hallow Voice from being freed by trying to kill him. However, the Barsen'thor freed him from his imprisonment. Despite millennia of imprisonment on Belsavis, Hallow Voice was not bitter but rather more devoted to the spirit of cooperation. In addition, he sought to calm the murderous instincts of his cousin Esh-kha.[1]



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