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The Halls of Healing were an expansive wing of the Coruscant Jedi Temple. Located within the southwest quarter of the complex, the Halls were the center of healing and renewal of life for wounded members of the Jedi Order.[6] The Medical Corps maintained an infirmary within the Halls, composed of more than a hundred of the best bacta tanks in the galaxy.[1]


Constructed within the Jedi Temple of Coruscant, the Halls of Healing would be added to the complex over the countless expansions and reconstructions the complex under went in its four thousand year history. While initially destroyed during the Sacking of Coruscant by the resurgent Sith Empire in 3653 BBY,[3] the wing would be reconstructed as of 1000 BBY.[6]

The Halls of Healing were open to all Jedi in the Order who need treatment for an injury, ranging from scrapes and bruises received in training exercises, to more dire injuries received on missions for the Jedi High Council. Staffed by Jedi who specialized in the art of healing, operation of the Halls was overseen by the Circle, who appointed a Chief Healer to run the day-to-day operations in the Halls.[8] Healers in the main hall of the wing used their skills with the Force and the assistance of healing objects such as crystals and amulets to help mend the injuries that a Jedi might sustain.[6] With the establishment of the Medical Corps, the Halls expanded to house an infirmary, a major operating theater, and a ward of bacta tanks.[1]

Following the Ruusan Reformation, there wasn't a full-scale war in centuries; the Halls of Healing would rarely see its beds completely full. However, after the Battle of Geonosis, the Halls were near overcrowding, with many Jedi filling the chamber to capacity. While some of the wounded required intensive care, the majority of the wounded received the basic treatment and recovered within a few days. During the days following the battle Chief Healer Vokara Che was forced to calm the angry Galactic Senator Padmé Amidala, who had requested to see Padawan Anakin Skywalker. Because the Padawan had been seriously injured, Madame Che refused her request and asked her to leave. Refusing to leave, the senator was finally calmed by Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi. The incident was reported by Madame Che to Grand Master Yoda who later sent Jedi Kenobi to ask Amidala not to interfere in Jedi business again. The Halls would see its beds full for the rest of the Clone Wars, constantly mending those Jedi wounded during the intense battles that ripped the galaxy apart.[6]


Non-Jedi temple employees treated after the bombing of the Jedi Temple Hangar

At the height of the war Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Sidious, in his alter ego Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, ordered the Jedi Temple ransacked due to a supposed coup by the Order. Marching into the Temple the 501st Legion of the Grand Army of the Republic slaughtered all the Jedi present in the Temple. Led by Darth Vader the clone troopers destroyed the Halls of Healing as they killed all the healers and patients there.[4] Laying abandoned for the next several decades, the Halls of Healing would stand throughout the majority of the Galactic Civil War; though they were ultimately ruined during the Yuuzhan Vong War.[9]

When the Galactic Alliance retook the capital world, Chief of State Cal Omas donated a new Jedi Temple to the Order to be erected by the Reconstruction Authority. Using blueprints salvaged from the lost Temple Archives, the complex was restored, the Halls of Healing once more there to service the wounded. Under the leadership of Chief Healer Cilghal, the Halls served as they had for several millennia. In 43 ABY, the Halls would play host to the victims of a mysterious disease plaguing young Jedi Knights. Valin Horn was the first to be brought to the neurology ward of the Halls in an attempt to discover the cause of his mental breakdown. However, before he could be studied completely Horn attacked his nurse, Romor and escaped the Temple. Having lost their patient, the healers were unable to proceed with the study. A few weeks later though, unbeknownst to the majority of healers, the secret Jedi group Darkmeld had captured Seff Hellin, a Knight with the same affliction. With the help of healer Tekli, Darkmeld moved Hellin to the lower level storage hall which allowed Cilghal to continue her study.[2] As more and more Jedi became infected, the Chief Healer was forced to confess that she was housing four ill Jedi at the Temple. Because Chief of State Natasi Daala had issued warrants for the insane Jedi's arrest, Cilghal was breaking the law and felt obligated to warn Interim Grand Master Kenth Hamner of her actions. Incensed, Hamner demanded they be turned over immediately to the Galactic Alliance. However, before this could be done, Knight Leia Organa Solo kidnapped all four patients and transported them to the Jedi facility on Shedu Maad.[10]


The Halls of Healing was a wing of the Jedi Temple located within its southwest quarter under the towering First Knowledge Spire. Located above the Detention Center and on the same level as the Headquarters of the Agricultural Corps, the Halls were accessible via turbolift from anywhere in the Temple.[1]

The Main Hall of the wing was bathed in warm sunlight from the high windows, which coupled with the blue-green floors and walls created a soothing atmosphere. The Hall was lined with beds where the ill and infirm could lie in comfort as the master healers moved about. Pink stone pillars soared to the ceiling, while small openings in the walls led into single person therapy rooms. Inside these warm, dim-lit chambers, injured Jedi rested on stone beds with healers visiting to use stones and crystals to amplify the effects of the Force.[6] One such room contained the Healing Crystals of Fire, one of the most prized treasures of the Order.[8]

Jedi Medical Corps Infirmary

Obi-Wan Kenobi is treated in the Halls' main operating theater.

Located off the Main Hall were the chambers staffed by the healers of the Medical Corps. Here they maintained the main operating theater where injured Jedi underwent invasive surgery after missions. The large, two story chamber was overseen by a viewing room on the second level which granted an overhead view of the work being done below. Off of this hall was a chamber filled with several bacta tanks used to heal Jedi with minor injuries sustained in and around the Temple. Several advanced 2-1B medical droids operated the machinery and observed the wounded patients. While the infirmary was usually used to specifically treat Jedi, a dedicated turbolift ran from the Galactic City Medical Center into the infirmary, allowing the most desperate of patients to be treated by the Jedi healers.[11]

The neurology ward in this wing was also extensive, allowing the healers to perform scans that could determine brain damage and other maladies that Jedi might sustain. Additionally, the Hall was equipped with sealed atmosphere rooms that simulated other planetary environs.[6]

The Chief Healer maintained offices in the wing where she could store her records and meet with members of the Order to address their medical needs. Adjacent to her office was an examination room where she could perform check-ups on her fellow Jedi.[6]

The lower level Hall of the wing was a quiet, bare-walled area lined with windowless doors. Located directly under the Main Hall, this Hall contained two radiation storage chambers that were only accessible to the Chief Healer, and their assistant. The smaller of the two was located in the rear of a medical supply closet. In 43 ABY, this small chamber would be emptied of all radioactive materials by Healer Tekli and be used as the secret cell of the psychotic Seff Hellin.[2] From here, Chief Healer Cilghal would study Hellin's affliction before he was moved to the Jedi facility on Shedu Maad.[10]



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