"Phlynne will overlook some pretty big violations to win a smile from a lovely lady"
Platt Okeefe[src]

Captain Hallyn Phlynne was commanding officer of an Imperial Customs Guardian-class light cruiser called the Interceptor, which patrolled the Elin Roe system. He was a tall, handsome middle-aged man, sporting a thin mustache.

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He was extremely polite, and had a weak spot for beautiful women. He would bow slightly when greeting freighter captains and ask before entering most parts of the during inspection. He was accompanied by two customs troopers who aided him in inspections and provided security aboard hostile ships as well.

Phlynne was a ladies' friend who would not go out of the way of ignoring major violations if the freighter captain was a lady, and he would be even more lax if she was some kind of nobility. Platt Okeefe once managed to smuggle some crates of spice right under his nose by wearing a fancy dress and smiling coquettishly at him.

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