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"That's our ride. It doesn't go anywhere without us, and right now, we're busy."
―Sugi, referring to the Halo[5]

The Halo was an SS-54 assault ship[2] owned by the Zabrak bounty hunter Sugi during the Clone Wars.[5] Over the course of the Galactic Civil War, this ship came into the possession of Sugi's niece, Jas Emari.[2]

The Halo was armed with twin ZX7 laser cannons hanging below the well-armored front cockpit[1] and a rear-facing dual laser cannon on its back[5] that later was replaced by a quad rail-thrower turret. It was able to face forward and fired hundreds of nanofiber rail-tubes per second.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

For its appearance in "Wookiee Hunt" the design of the Halo was significantly altered; most noticeably adding a center section cargo/staging area, pushing back the aft section to allow the landing gear to function as it had in the original, but also more subtle cosmetic changes like thickening the wing pylons, rounding off the nose, adding extra yellow marking and nose art of a pink tooka doll wielding a knife with the Aurebesh words "Nice playing with ya."[6]

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