"And that's how I met General Corros and joined the Rebellion."
"No exploding Star Destroyers or big dogfights?"
―Dirk Harness relates the story of how he met Corros to a group of friends, including an incredulous Starter[1]

Halomar Corros was a Human male general who served the Alliance to Restore the Republic during the Galactic Civil War. Assigned as commander of Reginard Base, Corros oversaw the day-to-day operation of the outpost. Corros was present on the base when a YT-1300 light freighter, the Limping Lady, arrived at the outpost carrying independent spacers who were in possession of a data cartridge containing vital information on Imperial warship movements. He was later present when the base's senior technician, Adonar Dellox, apparently succumbed to the deadly disease triflexia. In reality, he had been murdered by Major Tanya Madera, an Imperial spy who served as the base's second-in-command. Due to Madera's schemes, Reginard Base was almost discovered by Imperial forces, but Corros's command was saved by a group of Rebel agents stationed at the base.

Corros was also responsible for recruiting Dirk Harkness into the Alliance. He met the young mechanic during a mission to Kelada, where the General hoped to rendezvous with an Alliance operative, Chessa Dohhenty. Dohhenty was killed by Imperial stormtroopers prior to meeting with Corros, and Harkness, who was her lover, killed several stormtroopers in revenge before fleeing the scene. Corros caught up to the young man in a cantina, Lorana's Labyrinth, and recruited him on the spot.


Commanding Reginard Base[]

"Our omnidirectional scanning sensors here in Reginard Base only scan half the planet passively for activity, and only cover half of the Reginard System. The planet blocks us from passively scanning the other hemisphere. We don't use active sensors because those could give our position away."
―General Halomar Corros[2]

Halomar Corros was a Human male serving with the Alliance to Restore the Republic during the Galactic Civil War. He held the rank of general and commanded Reginard Base, a secret Rebel outpost on the uninhabited planet Reginard,[1] in the Pakuuni sector of the Outer Rim Territories.[3]

Corros had been part of the initial team to establish the outpost on Reginard, and had conducted a full mapping survey of the planet. He was responsible for the day-to-day operations of Reginard Base, spending the majority of his time in the command center watching monitors and tracking screens. His personal suite at Reginard Base was modest, consisting of only a bed, locker, and desk, although he did keep a holoportrait of Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi above his desk.[2]

Shortly after the Battle of Yavin, in 0 ABY,[4] Corros welcomed a group of independent spacers aboard the YT-1300 light freighter Limping Lady to Reginard Base. The group had come into possession of a data cartridge on the planet Tatooine that contained information on Imperial warships. The data cartridge had been in the possession of a Rebel agent, who had been killed by stormtroopers. The spacers had found the coordinates to Reginard Base etched onto the back of the cartridge and had sought to deliver the information to the Alliance. Corros was pleased with the spacers' work and expressed interest when they indicated a willingness to join the Alliance. Corros subsequently used the data on the cartridge to log Imperial starship movements.[5]

Crisis on Reginard[]

"When we first came to Reginard, we mapped the entire planet from orbit. We determined that the best place for the second sensor array would be here, a bare hill rising from the thick forest which covers most of that large continent. You'll have to land a short distance away and transport the array on a repulsor sled. Once you've positioned it and turned off the sled, hook up the medium fusion power generator and turn it on. May the Force be with you."
―General Corros briefs a group of Rebel agents on Reginard[2]

Doctor Akimbo, chief medical officer of Reginard Base

At some point during the Galactic Civil War, Reginard Base's power failed. After the emergency back-ups had kicked in, Corros, who had been in the base command center, was called to one of the outpost's storage bays. Along with his second-in-command, Major Tanya Madera, he arrived to find that a group of Rebel agents, stationed at the base as a supply and transport crew, had discovered the body of Adonar Dellox, the base's chief technician. Dellox's face and neck were grotesquely swollen, and he was colored a deep red. It appeared that Dellox had become sick from a disease, then fallen onto the large piece of equipment on which he was working: a passive sensor array. The fall damaged the sensor array, which caused a short-circuit and sent a power surge through the cable connecting the array to the rest of the base, which in turn affected the base's power system. Soon, Corros was joined by the base starfighter commander, Captain Tony Franco; junior technician Kim Yeasson; and the base's chief medical officer, Doctor Akimbo. Akimbo immediately set to investigating the incident, ordering a detox team to secure the corpse and inquiring if any individual had come into contact with the body. As the body was taken away to be autopsied, Akimbo promised to keep Corros apprised of the situation. The General then set about explaining to the group of Rebel agents that the sensor array on which Dellox had been working was intended to increase Reginard Base's sensor cover in the system. Because the base only used passive omnidirectional sensors to scan the system in order to avoid detection, the Alliance could only scan half the planet and system, since the rest was hidden by Reginard's mass. The passive sensor array was to be installed on an island on the other side of the planet to ensure full sensor coverage.[2]

Several hours later, Akimbo informed Corros that Dellox had died of triflexia, a contagious and fatal disease that caused blood vessels to swell to three times their normal size. That in turn increased a victim's blood pressure, stopped the oxygen exchange in the lungs, closed the esophagus, and crushed brain tissue. Corros immediately ordered all base personnel to report to medical for testing, with any personnel that showed possible symptoms being immediately quarantined. Unknown to Corros, the cause for Dellox's death was not as a result of contagion; his second-in-command, Major Madera, was an Imperial spy. She had been assigned to infiltrate an Alliance base, then broadcast its location to allow Imperial forces to attack. To achieve that, she had installed components into the passive sensor array to broadcast a Stellar Class starport beacon. Dellox had discovered her handiwork, and she had killed him with a needler pistol, which fired darts coated in triflexia bioengineered by the Empire to work as a poison. While Akimbo worked, he lost another patient to Madera's machinations; she infected an X-wing pilot who had been quarantined to make it appear as if the triflexia was spreading like a normal disease. In the meantime, the Rebel agents at the base helped to fix the passive sensor array so that it could be deployed, for which Corros was very grateful.[2]

With the passive sensor array repaired, Corros directed the Rebel agents to use their ship to transport it to the other side of the planet and place it on a bare hill in the middle of a forest on a large island. Once hooked up to a medium power fusion generator, the sensor array would be active. The agents, assisted by Madera, completed the task and headed back to Reginard Base. When they were about an hour away from returning, Corros noted the arrival of a ship with a scrambled transponder in-system that was heading straight for the new sensor array. He ordered the agents to turn around and investigate. Upon returning to the sensor array, they discovered the smuggler Hawker Bryce-Kelley and his ship, the Queen's Victory. He was on the run from Imperial Customs, had picked up a Stellar Class starport beacon in the system, and had hoped to land at the spaceport. The agents realized that the sensor array had been tampered with, and Madera attacked the group in an effort to stop them from turning off the beacon. The agents were victorious, defeating Madera and shutting down the array.[2]

Dirk Harkness was recruited by Corros into the Alliance.

Corros then reported the arrival of an Imperial Customs Frigate into the system, which was tracking Bryce-Kelley's ship and had briefly detected a starport beacon in an uninhabited system. The agents, in an effort to preserve the secrecy of Reginard Base, intercepted the frigate, the 517, and allowed themselves to be boarded and inspected. The agents acted contrite and helpful toward Customs Inspector Buudro, and he asked them several questions about their business in the system, and whether or not they had encountered the Queen's Victory. The agents satisfied Buudro with their responses, and he withdrew from the system, leaving Reginard Base undetected.[2]


"Hey, take it easy, son. We're here to help."
"We're friends of Chessa's. We heard something happened to her."
―General Corros and Captain Franco meet Dirk Harkness after the death of Chessa Dohhenty[1]

Shortly after the destruction of the Empire's Death Star superweapon at the Battle of Yavin, Corros and Captain Franco traveled to the planet Kelada,[1] in the Duluur sector of the Colonies,[3] to meet with one of their operatives, Chessa Dohhenty, who was smuggling equipment to the Alliance aboard the ship on which she crewed, the Colders Watch. She was discovered in the act by Imperial stormtroopers, who killed her during a lightfight. Her lover, Dirk Harkness, witnessed the incident and gunned down several stormtroopers before fleeing the hangar in which the Colders Watch was berthed. He eventually ended up in the cantina Lorana's Labyrinth. Corros and Franco learned of Dohennty's fate and tracked Harkness down to Lorana's, where they recruited him into the Alliance as a technician at Reginard Base.[1]

Personality and traits[]

"You can tell us about it later. Right now we've got to get you to a safe place."
―General Corros consoles Harkness after the death of Chessa Dohhenty[1]

Halomar Corros was bearded and had thinning hair.[1]

A quiet man, he had a tendency to stroke his beard when problems arose. He was a capable commander who was knowledgeable about planetary systems and the workings of a bureaucracy. Trained to use a blaster, he always carried one along with a comlink.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Halomar Coross was first mentioned, simply as "General Corros," in "Limping Lady," an article published in the magazine Challenge 64 in 1992 and written by Peter M. Schweighofer. A General Corros was later mentioned in Chessa's Doom, a short story written by Schweighofer that appeared in West End Games' Star Wars Adventure Journal 1 in 1994. In 1995, Corros was again featured in the article "Death by Triflexia" in Challenge 76, also written by Schweighofer, where he was given the first name Halomar. All three appearances place him as commander of the Rebel base on Reginard.

Corros's appearances in the articles published in Challenge are ambiguously canon, as they were released outside of the West End Games license. The adventures were written by Schweighofer, who contributed heavily to West End Games' Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game publications.


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