"Excellent! I forget the delivery agent's name, but he's a Drall, one of those little furry folks. I expect he must be a young fan eager to get into the world of swoop racing. Bring him here and give him a thrill."
―Ignar Ominaz[src]

Hamber was a male Drall guard and delivery agent who lived during the Galactic Civil War.


"Are you from the customer who ordered this power converter?"
"What kind of idiot tries to fine-tune a swoop bike in the Agrilat Swamp? The crystal growth will ruin this power converter. Bring me to this nincompoop, and I'll tell him where he's gone wrong."

Sometime after 0 BBY, a spacer escorted Hamber to Ignar Ominaz.

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Behind the scenes[]

Female depiction of Hamber, deemed non-canon in Legends continuity

Though not mentioned in the quest dialogue, examining Hamber revealed him to also be a Drall guard.