Hammertown was an area home to a large Ithorian population[2] in Takobo City[1] on the world Takobo.[2] During the early rebellion against the Galactic Empire, two Imperial Inquisitors, the Seventh Sister and the Fifth Brother, captured a Force-sensitive Ithorian there. The infant was rescued by Ezra Bridger and other members of the rebel crew of the Ghost.[3]

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Much like the domes and steeples seen on many of the buildings in Takobo City as a whole resemble that of real-life traditional Eastern Orthodox architecture found in Russia and some of its neighbouring countries, the tower block laden landscape of Hammertown is quite similar to cities across Eastern Europe that used to be part of the Eastern Bloc. These and other factors suggest that the planet of Takobo was heavily inspired by aesthetics of the Slavonic countries.



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