Han Solo - Imperial Cadet 4 is the fourth, penultimate issue of the canon comic book miniseries Star Wars: Han Solo - Imperial Cadet. It was written by Robbie Thompson, illustrated by Leonard Kirk, and published on February 13, 2019 by Marvel Comics.

Publisher's summary[]

THE MISSION BEGINS! The training wheels are off as HAN SOLO and his fellow cadets head into real combat warfare! In the chaos of battle, will Han take a chance to slip the bonds of the EMPIRE? Or will he risk his freedom AND his life to help a fellow cadet left behind enemy lines?

Plot summary[]

Preparing for battle[]

At the Imperial Navy Mobile Base on Qhulosk, Han Solo makes adjustments to his TIE fighter while watching fellow Imperial cadet Beilert Valance arguing with the Imperial officer Yurib Nakan. Yurib turns his attention to Solo, asking him how he is doing. Solo explains that he is preparing his ship for battle. When Yurib asks if Solo is battle ready, Solo asks if that was what Valance was talking about. Yurib describes Valance as petty and cruel while also the best pilot at the Imperial Naval Academy on Carida.

Yurib tells Solo that he has potential to be the best pilot in the Academy but that he is holding himself back. Yurib confides in Solo that he was a troublesome cadet who spent more time in the brig than the cockpit. Despite his chaotic background, Yurib became the best by following orders. He says that the Galactic Empire stands for order and the end of chaos.

After that, Lyttan Dree asks Solo if he is busted again. Solo claims that Yurib just wanted to wish him safe travels. Tamu Dree says that the Empire won't tell them who they are fighting and why. He asks how they will get out of this. Lyttan reassures Tamu that today is going to be easy and notices that Solo has turned off the dampeners. Solo replies that this was to give him a little more speed. Lyttan also warns that turning off the dampener could flood and stall the engine. When Tamu asks if they should turn off their dampeners, Lyttan says go ahead.

Later, Kanina Nico confronts Solo. Since shutting off dampeners can also be used to get out of the Empire's sensors, she asks if Solo is planning to return to Corellia to find his friend Qi'ra. Nico tells Solo that she has a friend on her homeworld called Weegee. Since they are heading into active combat and wants to live to see Weegee again, she tells Solo that she is going to need backup during the battle. Kanina also notices Han Solo's dice and wishes that she had some of his luck.

The thick of battle[]

During the mission on Qhulosk, Solo flies his TIE fighter in formation with Nico. Nico tells him to speed up. Solo dons his TIE fighter helmet. The Imperial TIE fighters are attacked by Qhuloskian gun emplacements and Qhuloskian fighter. Under the orders of Yurib, Carida Squadron is tasked with taking out the Qhuloskian shield generators and laser cannons.

Following Yurib's orders, Solo takes out a shield generator and several cannons. Kanina compliments Solo's efforts, telling him that there are almost a dozen cannons to go. Solo's TIE fighter is pursued by three Qhuloskian fighters. However, they are quickly shot down. Solo thanks Nico but their rescuer turns out to be Valance. He tells them to cut the chatter and to focus on the shield generators. Joined by Lyttan and Tamu, they attack the Qhuoskian shield generators, destroying several of them.

Valance issues orders for the Carida Squadron to line up behind Kanina but his fighter is hit by a Qhuloskian fighter, causing it to descend. Solo contacts him over the comlink but Valance tells him to cut the chatter and kill the engines. As his fighter descends, Valance takes out several Qhuloskian fighters.

Solo warns Valance that his engines are burning. Valance responsds that they are back running but that he has lost control. Solo tells Valance to stick whim him and that he can nudge him back in the right direction to the Imperial base. This earns Valance's respect. However, a Qhuloskian fighter blasts off one of the solar panels of Valance's TIE fighter. Solo tells Valance to eject but his ejection seat is jammed.

Since Carida Squadron has eliminated the enemy cannons, Yurib orders the squadron to return to base before the Qhuloskians can scramble more fighters. Solo offers to land his ship in order to retrieve Balance. However, Yurib tells Solo that Valance is lost and orders him to return with the rest of the squadron to base in order to escort the TIE bombers that will be used to bombard the city. Just then, the squadron is attacked by three Qhuloskian fighters, which shoot down several fighters. Solo advises his squadron to open fire on a nearby building, causing it to fall on their attackers.

The rescue mission[]

Carida Squadron returns to the Imperial base where Solo requests permission from Yurib to lead a rescue mission. However, the Imperial commander counters that there are thousands of enemy combatants left in the city. He explains that the TIE bombers will wipe out the rest of the Qhuloskian forces in hours. Carida Squadron is tasked with escorting the TIE bombers. He also orders Solo and his team not to go near a TIE fighter until then.

Solo tries to convince Yurib to let them rescue Valance before the bombing run. However, Yurib believes that Valance has died in combat following orders. He urges Solo to follow orders, stating that soldiers die and the Empire marches on. Defying Yurib's orders, Solo resolves to go back and rescue Valance. He is joined by Nico, Lyttan and Tamu. They circumvent Yurib's orders not to take TIE fighters by borrowing five 74-Z speeder bikes.



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