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Han Solo and the Lost Legacy is the third and final novel of The Han Solo Adventures trilogy, written by Brian Daley. It was released on August 12, 1980. It is a sequel to Han Solo's Revenge. The whole trilogy was reprinted on April 22, 1992.


Publisher's summaryEdit

There's a fabled treasure at stake and a price on Han's head. So he and Chewbacca head for a planet rumored to hide undreamed-of riches. But once they get there, Han's beloved spacecraft, the Millennium Falcon, is hijacked by a band of assassins and killer robots. Their chances of survival are so slim, they might as well risk it all….

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The fabled hoard of the mad tyrant Xim was beyond measure — it was also, as far as Han Solo and his Wookiee partner Chewbacca were concerned, strictly legendary. But the pleadings of an old spacebum who had once saved his life — plus the fact that a trifling misunderstanding had set the deadliest gunman in the galaxy on his trail, making a secret expedition to almost any place seem highly desirable — were enough to grab Han Solo's interest.

But within hours of landing on the planet rumored to hold the treasure, Han's beloved spacecraft Millennium Falcon was hijacked, and his party had to contend with assassins and an army of killer robots.

This was no way, Han Solo felt, for a pair of honest smugglers to make a living…

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This book takes place shortly after the events of Han Solo's Revenge, in 1 BBY. The story opens with Han Solo and Chewbacca back on hard times, having squandered their "reward" for breaking up the slavery ring within the Corporate Sector Authority on celebrations and a number of failed ventures. Once again the smuggler duo is teamed with the elderly labor droid, BLX-5, and the computer probe, Blue Max.

A quick job nets the smugglers 1,500 credits and lands them on the University world of Rudrig in the Tion Hegemony. Here, Han and Chewie encounter Alexsandr Badure, an old smuggler who had once saved their lives. Badure had fallen on hard times himself and had been working contract labor at a quasi-legal mining camp on the planet Dellalt, where he had befriended two sisters, Hasti and Lanni Troujow. Lanni, a pilot, had discovered what they believed to be the log recorder disk from the long-lost Queen of Ranroon, the fabled treasure ship of the warlord Xim the Despot. Millennia earlier, the Queen and her cargo of treasure and a legion of Xim's warrior-robots were lost en route to Xim's sprawling treasure vaults on Dellalt.

Dellalt was now a minor, backwater world with a meager human population of Tionese origin, out in the largely disregarded Tion. Badure needed Han and Chewbacca for a mission, taking himself and Hasti back to Dellalt, along with the Ruurian professor Skynx, whose job was to translate the disk and lead them all to the treasure. Lanni stashed the disk in a lockbox at the vaults, which were now partially used for public storage, before being murdered by the mine operators, who were now pursuing Badure and Hasti to claim the disk, and the treasure, for themselves.

To make things more interesting, Han was also being pursued by Gallandro, the deadliest gunman in the galaxy, who was bent on avenging a point of honor with Han over their dealings in the Corporate Sector.

Shortly after arriving on Dellalt, the mine operators managed to steal the Millennium Falcon and take it back to the mine to search for the disk. Han's party decided to hike across several hundred kilometers of Dellatian open country to reclaim her. Along the way, they met up with the Survivors, a clan of inbred humans, who have evidently lived in the mountains for generations and who kept their existence secret by killing any outsiders who stumble upon them, as Han and Chewbacca have.

It turned out that the Survivors had a bigger secret than just their own existence in the mountains to hide. They also held the key to Xim's treasure and the secret to the fate of the Queen of Ranroon, all Han had to do was get his ship back, defeat an army of killer robots and steer clear of Gallandro, who had managed to track him to Dellalt, and team up with the mine operators.


The scar on Han Solo's chin is explained in this book as a knife wound he received during a fight with a dockworker on Dellalt.


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