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"They have to fight hand-to-hand. And in that kind of fight, my money's on the Wookiee. Beat his ass, Chewbacca."
Lando Calrissian backs Chewbacca in his fight against Boba Fett[1]
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Savage Opress fighting Asajj Ventress in unarmed hand-to-hand combat

Hand-to-hand combat,[2] unarmed combat,[3] or martial arts,[4] was a variety of combat in which no distance weapons were used, as opposed to firefights.[3] A person who practiced martial arts was known as martial artist.[5]


While their rival world of E'ronoh had required military training for all citizens, Prince Phan-tu Zenn of Eiram claimed his world did not have hand-to-hand combat.[6] The Zygerrians had a tradition of resolving their differences by unarmed combat.[7] Known fighting moves included the Strike of the Nexu and the Kick of the Bantha.[8] The bounty hunter Latts Razzi was an expert in several forms of exotic martial arts. The combat droid C-21 Highsinger studied Razzi's martial arts moves in order to imitate her deadly fighting style.[9]

Mitth'raw'nuruodo was skilled at unarmed combat and was familiar with the limitations of the Imperial Academy martial art. The Grand Admiral managed to defeat Kallus in hand to hand combat. Kallus was also skilled in hand to hand combat; having managed to hold the Chiss at bay for a while until he was kicked in the head. The force of the kick sent him flying into a barrier, resulting in the fight ending.[10]

List of hand-to-hand combat styles[]

"It is unfortunate you and I cannot resolve our differences as you do in the Zygerrian tradition."
"With no weapons, you would fight me?"
Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darts D'Nar[7]
Combat style Brief description Notable practitioners
Alderaanian martial arts Form of martial arts practiced by inhabitants of the planet of Alderaan.[11] Princess Leia Skywalker Organa Solo[11]
Bakuuni Hand Form of hand-to-hand combat practiced by the Elite Praetorian Guard.[12] Elite Praetorian Guard[12]
Echani A form of martial art taught to stormtroopers and Imperial officers as part of their standardized training.[13] Galactic Empire[13]
Shon-Ju An ancient art of unarmed force combat utilized by members of the Jedi Order.[14] Grand Master Pra-Tre Veter[14]
Nar Kanji Combat techniques used by the Elite Praetorian Guard[15] Elite Praetorian Guard[15]
Teräs Käsi A hand-to-hand combat style created to combat Jedi.[16] Maul,[16] Dryden Vos,[16] Qi'ra,[16] Emperor's Royal Guard,[15] Elite Praetorian Guard[12]
Zama-shiwo A martial art native to Jedha. The art allegedly also granted practitioners the ability to alter their heart rate and oxygen intake, giving them almost supernatural powers.[17] Chirrut Îmwe[18]
Zavat A combat style practiced by members of the Galactic Empire, notably Imperial officers.[13] Adea Rite[13]
Kage Warriors martial art A combat style practiced by members of the Kage Warriors of Quarzite.[5] Kage Warriors[5]
Black Sun martial art A martial art used by Black Sun enforcers.[5] Black Sun[5]


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