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Handa was a Cathar male who served as a Jedi Master during the last decades of the New Sith Wars. He instructed multiple Padawans, including the Humans Githany and Kiel Charny, who developed a romantic relationship with each other. Handa eventually learned of his students' involvement with each other and forbade the two from continuing it, causing Githany to defect to Dark Lord of the Sith Skere Kaan's Brotherhood of Darkness. Both of Handa's former Padawans were slain during the Ruusan campaign, which saw the defeat of Kaan's Brotherhood.


Handa, a Cathar male, was sensitive to the Force and was trained as a Jedi during the final years[1] of the Republic Dark Age.[2] During the New Sith Wars between the Galactic Republic and the Sith, Handa ascended to the rank of Jedi Master and trained multiple Jedi as his Padawans. The Cathar tutored the Humans Githany and Kiel Charny simultaneously. During Handa's tenure as their Master, he would warn the two against giving into their emotions and forming a romantic attachment toward each other, which violated the tenets of the Jedi Code. When Githany's mind built up psychiatric barriers that prevented her from using the Force—due to her inability to cope with the vastness of the Force—Handa helped his Padawan regain her connection to it.[1]

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Two of Handa's Padawans, Kiel Charny and Githany, both died during the Ruusan campaign.

Eventually, Handa learned that Githany and Charny had begun a romance with each other. Angered, the Cathar Jedi Master forbade the two from continuing their relationship. Because of Handa's reaction toward them, Githany abandoned the Jedi Order and join the Brotherhood of Darkness, led by Dark Lord of the Sith[1] Skere Kaan.[3] Charny remained with the Jedi and served as a general in Jedi Lord Hoth's Army of Light during the Ruusan campaign. Both of Handa's former Padawans died during the conflict on the planet Ruusan: Charny was slain by Githany,[4] who was in turn killed when Kaan activated a thought bomb during the war's final battle, which obliterated the Brotherhood and most of Hoth's Jedi forces.[1]

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Handa was careful to remind his students about giving into their emotions. Upon discovering Charny's and Githany's romance, the Cather Jedi was angered and forbade the two from continuing it.[1]

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Handa was sensitive to the Force and was capable enough to ascend to the rank of Jedi Master.[1]

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Handa was mentioned in the 2006 novel Darth Bane: Path of Destruction, written by Drew Karpyshyn. He garnered an entry in The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia, released in 2008.



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