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"I'm glad to see that my handmaidens are so well trained."
―Queen Amidala[1]

Ellé and Moteé

Handmaidens were personal aides to royal personalities of the galaxy.

The Echani Handmaiden Sisters served the Jedi Master Atris on Telos IV. They all had identical appearances, save Brianna, who had the same father as her half-sisters, but a different mother.[2]

Before joining the Jedi Order, Jaesa Willsaam lived on Alderaan, serving as a handmaiden to Gesselle Organa.[3]

Perhaps the most notable of handmaidens were the handmaidens of the Monarch of Naboo. An unidentified queen, who reigned long before the Invasion of Naboo, began the custom for Naboo monarchs to have an entourage of handmaidens to ensure their safety.[4] During the reign of Queen Amidala, the handmaidens bore a striking resemblance to their mistress. They were highly trained in order to act as bodyguards, decoys and confidantes to the queen,[5] roles devised by Captain Panaka.[6] Queens Jamillia[7] and Kylantha[8] were also known to employ handmaidens.


Eirtaé and Rabé, standing behind Queen Amidala

Handmaidens of Jedi Master Atris[]

Handmaiden of Gesselle Organa[]

Handmaidens of Queen Amidala[]

As Queen[]

As Senator[]

Other handmaidens[]

During her career, Amidala was also attended to by three other handmaidens, but at unknown times:

Handmaidens of Queen Kylantha[]

Behind the scenes[]

Two of Queen Kylantha's handmaidens

The idea of having handmaiden lookalikes first appeared in George Lucas's rough draft to Star Wars, where two handmaidens named Alana and Mina accompanied Leia to the Chatos Academy. One of the two took the Princess's place to mislead the Empire when Annikin Starkiller spirited her to safety as the Empire's Space Fortress arrived at Aquilae.[18]

Originally and according to the obsolete StarWars.com Databank, Teckla Minnau survived the Clone Wars and returned to Naboo, where she eventually married a writer and became a handmaiden to Queen Kylantha.[19] However, her fate was changed in 2014 by "An Old Friend," an episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, which established that she died around 20 BBY on the planet Scipio.[20]


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