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"They gave up their families and their names and their reputations, and they did it willingly, because they believe in your idea of what we could be. You trained us and gave us the ability to defend ourselves. We have worked to become a fluid, adaptable group, and we are powerful, Captain. Even if it's not the kind of power you are accustomed to."
―Padmé Amidala discusses her handmaidens with Quarsh Panaka about her handmaidens[2]

A handmaiden was a personal aide to a monarch. On the Mid Rim planet Naboo, the elected monarch typically had one royal handmaiden, but their role as a bodyguard had fallen out of practice after the Gungan-Naboo dispute. However, at the request of Captain Quarsh Panaka, Queen Padmé Amidala brought back the tradition, but she realized it would be more useful to have multiple handmaidens in the event one needed to take on her appearance as a body double, leaving possible enemies less likely to catch on to the deception.[2] Later Naboo queens continued the[4] reinstated tradition.[2]

The House of Organa also employed handmaidens. Princess Leia Organa had a handmaiden named Agira.[1]


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