Hanes Croft was a male Cerean who served as a lieutenant within the Office of Peace and Security, a law enforcement agency that operated on the planet Cularin. In about 31 BBY, Croft commanded a group of OPS officers that apprehended the Human criminal Lethbridge Grimes outside the city Gadrin on Cularin.[1]

A short time afterward, members of a criminal organization known as the Intarsa League took hostage the occupants of the Gadrin Blue Star Centre, including Croft's brother Gars. Croft led a force of eight OPS troopers that were dispatched to the center to deal with the situation. While Croft wanted to negotiated a peaceful resolution with the Intarsa League, Governor Barnab Chistor, the leader of Gadrin, ordered that their should be no negotiation with the League and that the OPS force should arrest the criminals immediately. Croft eventually submitted to Chistor's orders and the Cerean ordered his troopers to launch an assault on the center.[2]


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