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"The hangar bay doors are closed. I don't fancy flying the shuttle through solid metal so I'd say we need to find a way to get them open."
Bao-Dur on piloting difficulties at the Telosian Military Base[1]

A Corellian Security Force Security Force hangar

Hangars, also called hangar bays, hang-bays, launch bays, or docking bays, were areas for launching, landing, repairing, and refueling vehicles. They were found on the surfaces of many worlds, and some spacecraft and space stations incorporated their own hangar bays for the use of smaller craft such as snubfighters and shuttles. Hangars which opened onto the vacuum of space were sealed by a magnetic shield and had emergency airlocks in case the shield failed. Engineers and mechanics were often found working on vehicles littering these hangars, as were astromech droids, waiting beside or within their designated ships for loading or unloading.


A snowspeeder launch bay in Echo Base



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