Hangar 272 during the Emperor's arrival, 4 ABY

Hangar 272 was an executive docking bay aboard the Death Star II.

It was a significantly large hangar in terms of height, with at least one cargo elevator nearby. To the left of the hangar were two thin hangars that, from top to down, were together nearly equivalent in height to Hangar 272, and to its right was a small hangar, which Vader had used to land ST 321 inside prior to Emperor Palpatine's arrival. Owing to Imperial standards, the hangar was deliberately made the largest as it was reserved for the leader of the Galactic Empire, the Galactic Emperor.

In 4 ABY, owing to Emperor Palpatine's arrival for his inspection on the battlestation's operability, Hangar 272 was prepared for the arrival of Emperor Palpatine's shuttle. Upon his arrival, various stormtroopers, technicians, Navy Troopers, Army Troopers, officers, and droids such as Viper probe droids and black astromech droids stood at attention as his shuttle had undergone disembarking with the Emperor being escorted by Darth Vader and several Royal guardsmen. In addition, several TIE fighter wings, including the Emperor's Sword, Emperor's Shield, and Scythe Squadron, participated in an air parade outside the hangar bay honoring the Emperor's arrival.



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