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The Hanging Valley was a valley on the ice-covered planet Hoth. It was located south of the North Ridge, west of the Cirque Glacier, and north-west of the Clabburn Range of mountains.[1] In 3 ABY,[2] the Imperial Viper probe droid[1] XJ9-CS14‎‎[3] moved from the Cirque Glacier to the eastern edge of the valley, where it first detected the energy signature of Echo Base, the Alliance to Restore the Republic headquarters it was tasked with locating.[1]

The droid moved along the eastern edge of the valley down into the Clabburn Range, fighting a predatory wampa en route between the two. The T-47 airspeeders of Rogue Squadron later flew around the southern and western portions of the valley while searching for Luke Skywalker and Han Solo, two rebels who had been stranded outside Echo Base overnight.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The Hanging Valley was first mentioned in the 2016 reference book Star Wars: Complete Locations, in a section written by James Luceno and illustrated by Richard Chasemore and Hans Jenssen.[1] The location originally appeared in the Star Wars Legends continuity, where it was first mentioned in the 2004 reference book Inside the Worlds of Star Wars Trilogy, which was also written by Luceno, with illustrations by Chasemore and Jenssen.[4]


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