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The hanging gardens was a public garden on the outskirts of Republic City on the New Republic's capital planet of Hosnian Prime. The gardens consisted of a staggered sandstone pyramid, with each floor hollow in the center. Plants of all varieties sprouted from boxes both inside and outside the building, and on the inside, tall, willowy trees grew, often blossoming into pale–blue flowers. They received the light they needed from the spaces between each floor, which let the sun's rays slant through. The serenity within the hanging gardens contrasted with the hectic swirl of low-flying air traffic outside.[2]

In 28 ABY,[3] Senators Leia Organa and Ransolm Casterfo met at the hanging gardens to discuss matters relating to Rinnrivin Di and his connections to the Amaxine warriors. During their conversation, Casterfo revealed he was a child on Riosa when the Galactic Empire arrived, and under the authority of Darth Vader, commandeered the planet's factories and enslaved its workers, including his parents. In turn, Organa revealed to Casterfo the time she was tortured by Vader for the location of the Rebel Alliance's secret base, and when the Dark Lord forced her to watch her home planet's destruction by the Death Star.[2]


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