Hansor's Hooligans was a gladiator walker combat team during the Galactic Civil War led by Madrix Hansor. The team had a grudge against Demelza's Destructors, another team led by Demelza Mintori. The grudge began when Hansor and Mintori were part of an Imperial Army fighting Alliance forces in the Dalcretti system. When Mintori's platoon was either unable to or refused to led assistance to Hansor's platoon, Hansor vowed vengeance.

Although there was bad blood between the two teams, individuals from the teams had only met once, in the 12th Solassi Interzonals Challenge Match. Two years later, Hansor took the Hooligans to Sedratis City, home base of the Destructors, and took up residence in the Sedratis Coliseum and issued an open challenge for the Destructors to evict them.