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The Hapan Royal Navy, also known as the Consortium Navy, was the space fleet of the Hapes Consortium, a political grouping of 63 worlds of the Hapes Cluster.



The Hapan Navy honor guard assembled at Coruscant in 8 ABY.

Prior to the Hapan involvement with the New Republic in 8 ABY, the Navy's primary role was defending the Consortium's strict borders against smugglers, pirates and benign intruders. However, the Hapan Treaty made clear that the Hapan Fleet would remain independent from the New Republic Fleet. Due to a vast majority of the Hapes Consortium wishing to remain a smaller cog in galactic affairs, rather than risk being seen as a political rival to the New Republic.[1]

The Battle of Fondor in 25.7 ABY marked the Navy's most devastating loss, when Thrackan Sal-Solo activated Centerpoint Station and destroyed three quarters of the fleet.


Isolder described the forces of Hapes circa 8 ABY as "billions of warriors, thousands of starships."[2] During the build up prior to the Battle of Dathomir, Prince Isolder called a group of "about eighty destroyers" a Hapan fleet[3]. While vague, these comments give some insight to their Order of Battle comparable to other space navies.

The Navy was centered around a fleet of hundreds of Hapan Battle Dragons, with an honor fleet containing 63, one representing each member planet of the Consortium. They were backed up by Nova-class battle cruisers, Beta Cruisers, as well as X-Wings, Miy'til starfighters, and Miy'til assault bombers.

Tactics and Technology

To counteract the slow recharge rate of Hapan turbolasers, Naval officers bunched warships together to create walls of fire to cripple enemy ships in swift assaults. If a unit did not destroy all enemies in the first pass, it ran the risk of taking heavy fire while its weapons recycled.

Despite the Hapan's growing relationship with the New Republic from 8 ABY forward,[1] they did not negotiate an exchange of turbolaser technology until 25 ABY, when it was used as an incentive to bring the Hapan military into the Yuuzhan Vong War.



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