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"The happabores don’t eat flesh. Or metal. Just stay away from their mouths. And feet."
―Sarco Plank warns Luke Skywalker and his droids about his happabores[src]

Happabores were a species of massive, gray omnivores.[1]

Biology and appearanceEdit

Happabores possessed broad flat noses and beady black eyes, which were almost hidden by the wrinkles of their faces, as well as thick skin that was very resilient to heat.[6]. Their hides were well-armored on their dorsal side for protection against the sun and predators.[7] They had broad mouths with flat, yellow teeth inside which they would use to bite with if provoked.[8] Otherwise, happabores were largely docile, being known as patient, obedient creatures that could take a lot of abuse.[8] Their forelimbs were short and stubby with broad feet, while their hind limbs were longer and more powerful-looking, capable of covering several kilometers at a time.[8] Young of the species were known as "pups."[9]

When on dry planets, happabores would use their long tongues to sop up large quantities of water, emptying whole reservoirs in a sitting[6] and storing much of it in their bloodstreams.[7]

Happabores succumb to a variety of parasites and certain companies offered products to help rid them of these parasites. One such product was Happy-Bore Medicated Dewormer, distributed by Galacti-Stok.[8]

Happabores in the galaxyEdit

Happabores were found on several worlds,[10] including the planets Jakku[4] and Devaron,[3] perhaps as a result of some forgotten colonial effort.[10] A happabore handler once told Rey that there were happabores on many planets in the Western Reaches, doing everything from pulling plows and ice sledges to carrying around princes and princesses. Rey imagined that life would be much better than those of happabores on Jakku.[8]

The scavenger Sarco Plank owned a pair of happabores while he lived on Devaron and used them as mounts, strapping howdahs to their backs to sit on. He controlled the beasts by prodding them with a stick that caused them pain.[3]


Happabore Prince Survival

A happabore imagined to be transporting royalty.

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