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The unnamed Harbinger Medical Officer served aboard the Harbinger in 3951 BBY


"We haven't had chance to fully examine it, sir - he looks human, but he's... fractured in several places."
―The Harbinger's Chief Medical Officer speaking to The Harbinger's Captain about the Mysterious Medical Patient[src]

She was another known member of the Crew aboard the Harbinger when Darth Sion seized control of the Hammerhead Cruiser. It has been assumed that she was killed when Sion broke out of his Kolto tank and said "I've come for the Jedi".[1] A holo recording created by the Captain contained a recording of Sion's apparent break out.


"The strange thing is, I keep feeling like someone's watching us, here in the ship, but I can't see anyone. I don't like this."
―The Harbinger's Chief Medical Officer becoming ever more paranoid.[src]

She seemed like somebody who was calm and collected in usual circumstances, however in the days leading to the attack on the Harbinger she grew very paranoid and suspected things weren't quite right. She noticed some crew members were not showing up for shifts and she increasingly felt like she was being watched.[1]


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