Harbold Taft was a Rebel spy on Spira. He was a slim and mousy fellow, and had brown hair. He worked as a clerk in the Ataria Island spaceport.


Harbol Taft was a Human male who served the Alliance to Restore the Republic as a spy during the Galactic Civil War. Based on the Core World Spira, Taft was part of a two-man Rebel cell that included himself and Seth Cambriel, a wealthy beach-bum. Taft was adept at infiltrating installations in search of military intelligence, and was a security expert. He worked at the Ataria Island spaceport as a clerk in the security offices, which gave him license to carry a blaster. During the Galactic Civil War, a smuggler ferrying goods for the Alliance to a drop point on Spira was forced to drop his cargo in the ocean when security forces discovered him. Taft and Cambriel were responsible for recovering the cargo and hiding in the wreck, a submerged, ancient alien spacecraft that had become a popular tourist diving spot.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

Harbold Taft was a slim man with mousy features and brown hair. He was an adept infiltrator and spy, and an expert on security procedures. He was trained to use a blaster and carried one while on duty with spaceport security, and was knowledgeable about Spira's security procedures and arrangements. He was also a trained diver.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Harbold Taft appeared in The Spira Regatta, an adventure written by Paul Sudlow that was published in West End Games' Star Wars Adventure Journal 1.


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