"No problem. You don't want to tell me who paid you off, so I'll just take this weapon off the stun setting."

Harburik was a Human male Imperial stormtrooper lieutenant who was stationed in Mos Eisley during the Galactic Civil War. He had a good impression of the CSPL-12 projectile launcher. As chief of police, Harburik was the face of Imperial law and order in the starport.


Harburik GG7

Harburik at work.

Harburik was a Humanocentric speciesist, like many other Imperial officials. He particularly hated the Imperial Prefect, Eugene Talmont, because of his readiness to cooperate or accept bribes from aliens, particularly Jabba Desilijic Tiure. Harburik hoped to eventually replace the Prefect, possibly through an "accident".[2] When some of his men were reported missing, following the Attack on Centa Sohan's sailbarge, Harburik just assumed that they had been killed in a gravel storm.[3]

Harburik was keen to take a hand in interrogations and investigations. His actions drew the displeasure of the Hutts, but also of his own command. Few of Harburik's troops held high opinions of their leader.[2]



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