The Hard Heart Cantina was a cantina on the first Death Star run by the Twi'lek Memah Roothes. It was a popular spot for Imperial officers and NCOs assigned to duty on the Death Star.

The Hard Heart was officially designated as the Midlevel Cantina on Deck 69 of Sector N-One. When Memah Roothes was hired to run the bar, she changed the name in tribute to her previous cantina on Coruscant, the Soft Heart Cantina. Her friend Rodo served as the cantina's bouncer. It was destroyed with the rest of the Death Star during the Battle of Yavin in 0 BBY.

Some of the drinks served at the Hard Heart included:


The main room was more or less a square, with the east wall containing the bar itself and a small stage located beyond that in the northeast corner. On the opposite side of the northwest wall, there were unisex/unispecies refreshers along with the manager's office. The north and south walls had exits, and an emergency exit was present behind the bar.[2]

Twenty tables filled the room, bolted to slides attached to the floor. Each table had low-backed stools that could be adjusted for height. As many as five tables in any row could be slid together to accommodate a large party. The stools could be moved but could also be electronically held in place by the bartender, in case the patrons got rowdy and considered using the stools as weapons. Blowers and vacuums that could be controlled by the bartender or servers were built into the ceiling and tabletops.[2]



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