Hare'en was a Human female seismologist who worked for the Galactic Republic during the Cold War against the Sith Empire.


In 3643 BBY, she put her expertise to use while working on the Shock Drum superweapon on the desert world of Tatooine. This was when she and her group of scientists attacked by Tusken Raiders. After the Raiders killed the rest of the scientists, Hare'en was the only one who survived along with Jawa Brrik and his family.

Remaining hidden in the facility, she and the Jawas were rescued by a Jedi Knight who killed a number of Tusken Raiders. Thanking their rescuer, Hare'en and Brrik recounted their tale about a powerful Sith Lord had just stormed inside the facility, stealing the Shock Drum and taken Master Bela Kiwiiks hostage. According to Hare'en, the Sith Lord didn't take pleasure in killing her and the Jawas since they weren't warriors, and had only destroyed the guard droids that attacked. Learning that the Knight was searching for the Shock Drum, she revealed that the weapon generated seismic vibrations that could destabilize a planet's core over a certain amount of time, causing the planet to tear itself apart. She suggested that the Knight should repair several generator nodes to restore the facility's power, which would allow her to track the weapon's sound waves and locate the Shock Drum.

After the Jedi managed to repair the nodes and restore the facility's power, Hare'en informed the Knight that she needed a sensor reading from around the area to pinpoint the device. The Knight placed several sensors at the Bak'arap Farmstead, the Northern Windfarm, and the Northern Jundland Plateau. At last, Hare'en reported that the Shock Drum had been moved to an abandoned mining complex in the Dune Sea region, but it was now in the lair of a legendary native insectoid creature known as the Sand demon. After she gave the Knight the coordinates, the transmission was interrupted by another. The Sith Lord that Hare'en encountered was Praven, a Pureblood Sith who was one of Darth Angral's apprentices and Tarnis' master.

After the Jedi Knight defeated and spared Praven in a duel, Hare'en contacted the Knight, revealing that Brrik and his family had gone to the facility to aid the Jedi, but they were trapped with the Sand Demon. The Jedi Knight was able to defeat the Sand Demon and rescue the Jawas and Master Kiwiiks.


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