"Hare-Brained Heist" is a comic story that focusing on Lando Calrissian and Jaxxon after the Battle of Endor. It was published as the lead story of Star Wars Adventures Annual 2019 on August 14, 2019.

Plot summary[]

Shortly after the Battle of Endor,[2] Landonis Balthazar Calrissian and Nien Nunb were still in possession of the Millennium Falcon. While traveling through hyperspace, Calrissian was contacted by Solo who was worried that Calrissian will damage the Falcon. The Falcon was heading to the planet, Rekkana after receiving a distress signal from the planet. But when they came out of hyperspace, TIE fighters attacked them. Solo ordered Calrissian to escape but Calrissian shut down the holoprojector.

Calrissian took on the fighters but more swarmed to him. He shut down the engines as the TIE fighters closed in on both sides. When the fighters got close he turned on the Falcon and moved out of the way as the TIE fighters opened fire but hit themselves. Calrissian and Nunb headed to the surface of the planet.

On the planet, Lieutenant Drosk had reported to Commodore Visler Korda that a unidentified starship had slipped through their defenses. The commodore threw Drosk and ordered him to locate the ship while he thought the local enslaved Rekk population a lesson.

Calrissian observed the Rekkana work camp and noted that the Rekk outnumber the stormtroopers nine-to-one but had not rebelled against them. He then snuck past the guards and into the camp. He tracked the distress signal to a holding cell and hoped that who ever was inside could help them. When he opened the cell the smuggler Jaxxon T. Tumperakki was being held inside. Tumperakki had been hired to free the Rekk's chancellor but was captured. Tumperakki revealed that the chancellor was in the next cell and stole Calrissian's blaster and shot the wall to the cell.

They guided Chancellor Asera out of the compound so she could help her people. But she told them it would not be easy because the Galactic Empire stole Totem of Saglanost and without the Rekk gave up hope but if the totem was recovered the Rekk would rise up against the Empire. But the totem was located off-world and Asera did not know where it was.

On their way back to the Falcon, they were spotted by stormtroopers who opened fire on them. But Calrissian had a plan to use the scuttlers nearby. He bragged that Solo would be the only one who could get past the stormtrooper fire. This caused Tumperakki to prove a point by running past the blaster fire and to the scuttlers. Tumperakki provided cover fire for Calrissian and Asera while they ran to join him. Commodore Korda joined the fight but before Tumperakki could shot him from a scuttler, the legs tripped each other and the scuttler fell on Korda. Tumperakki and Korda survived the fall and the Lepi headed off to locate his ship.

After arriving on the New Republic capital of Chandrila, R2-D2 discovered that the totem, along with many other artifacts, was stored at the Palpatine Archive space station in the Coruscant system. Solo refused to allow for the Falcon to be used and Leia Organa could not allow for any Republic cruisers to be used so Calrissian and Asera had to use the Rabbit Foot for the mission. The ship was old and broken but managed to make it to the Palpatine Archive.

Tumperakki dressed into an Imperial military uniform and snuck onboard the space station with his droid ML-08 "Mel". They were pretending to deliver junk that they claimed to be art when they were stopped by an analysis droid. The droid was disgusted by Tumperakki's junk and his ship but believed that Mel is the only thing that deserved to be in the archive. Tumperakki tried to steal the Golden Agrooba of Metlok IV but set off the alarms and the droid ordered the Emperor's Royal Guards to stop him. They chased Tumperakki and Mel throughout the archive.

Meanwhile, Calrissian broke open the junk pile to free Asera who was hiding in it. As they walked through the space station, Asera located a databank that had the locations to the totem. As she was searching Calrissian grabbed the cape from a display causing it to crash and break. The royal guards were alerted to their presence and chased after them. Asera found the location of the totem and they ran to it. Calrissian crushed the guards by shooting down fossils at them.

Asera learned that the totem was in the melting room and was about to be melted when they got there. Thinking quickly, Calrissian grabbed onto a rope and swung across to the totem. He then kicked the out of a pile of junk before it could be melted. Asera caught the totem and they made their escape.

When they got back to the ship, it was being guarded by the Emperor's guards. One of them arrested Calrissian and he noted how much talking the guard did. The guard then pushed out of the way and cued to Mel. Mel rolled through and knocked over the analysis droid and the other guards. The guard revealed himself as Tumperakki and they made their escape.

Back on Rekkana, Lieutenant Drosk, Commodore Korda, and his Imperial faction prepared to introduce the Auto-fighter to The galaxy. The auto fighter would be used to reinstate the Imperial Navy and end the New Republic. As the cam droid began it's recording and the fighters flew in, they opened fire at the platform the Imperials were looking out on. As everyone was running, Calrissian contacted the Commodore from inside the work camp. He told him that the Rekk had reprogrammed the fighters and the whole event was being broadcasted to the galaxy.

Shortly after, one of the Rekks reported that the Empire had surrendered and Chancellor Asera thanked the Totem of Saglanost for it's luck. She also thanked Tumperakki and Calrissian for their help. Tumperakki tried to run off with the Golden Agrooba of Metlok IV but Calrissian stopped and told him that it should be returned. Tumperakki laughed it off as everyone celebrated. Calrissian asked Tumperakki if he wanted to join the Republic. After some consideration, Tumperakki asked where to sign up.


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Notes and references[]

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