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Hargeeva was an Expansion Region world, the third of five planets in the Pelonat system located near Garen IV. Its local day was 23 standard hours long, while its year was 380 local days long. It was colonized in 2000 BBY, but was neglected. Its society evolved to a feudal state. Nobles sent their sons to serve in the local royal guard for military training.

When the planet's rich mineral deposits, including coralline and ostrine, were discovered by the Galactic Empire, which subjugated the world, installing a garrison and advanced refineries. The Empire made the local ruler, Makintay, Imperial Governor. The planet's six cities included the capital, Arginall City.[2]

The first Rebel uprising in Arginall City was led by Merak and Stevan Makintay, the disinherited eldest son of the Governor.

Local Ketrian Altronel found a way to modify ostrine into a heat-absorbent. Ketrian defected to the Rebel Alliance and added her ostrine-derived absorbent to the housings of X-wing cannons, improving their firepower.[2]



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