Harlequin Station was a Bengel Shipbuilders XQ1 Platform located in the Garis sector of the Outer Rim Territories. It was a trade center making business with the Azzameen Station.


It was the trading outpost to where Ace Azzameen delivered his first cargo as a pilot working for his family's business, shortly after the Battle of Hoth. During the delivery, a pair of Pursuer-class enforcement ships named the Enkidu and Gilgam and in the employ of Viraxo Shipping attempted to attack the station. Azzameen helped fend off the attack and was rewarded a key to the station from the outpost's Mayor Brauken.

Harlequin Key

The award presented to Ace Azzameen.

While the reason for the attack is unclear, it is known that K'Armyn Viraxo used intimidation tactics in order to further his business interests. It is presumed that he had bought off the System Patrol Craft Kouerd that abandoned Harlequin Station as soon as the raiders exited hyperspace.

This skirmish was the origin of the feud between Ace Azzameen and the Viraxo (particularly the Enkidu), although the Azzameen family had already been business rivals for a time prior to this.



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