Harno was a Rodian big-game hunter who fled his homeworld of Rodia after accidentally killing a rival hunter named Neevat. Ending up on the planet Trandosha, he began working for the native Trandoshans as a hunter on the nearby world of Kashyyyk. There however, the native Wookiees put a bounty on the Rodian for the killing of rare species, leading the Trandoshans to also put a bounty on his head to try and prevent him revealing their involvement. Despite these bounties, Harno continued to work as a hunter on various worlds with dangerous prey.


The male Rodian Harno was born into a prominent clan on the planet Rodia, which possessed several big game preserves. Harno spent his youth honing his hunting skills on the many dangerous creatures that his clan's preserves were stocked with, and he developed great skill and focus in the field. The hunter's peers were amazed by his talents, and many believed he would go on to become a hunting legend. Not all of Harno's fellow hunters admired him however, and a rival named Neevat began spreading rumors that the hunter tranquilized all of his prey before killing them. The two rivals soon came to blows, and Harno accidentally killed Neevat in the fight, causing him to flee his homeworld.[1]

Harno eventually found himself on the world of Trandosha, where he found work with the native Trandoshan species who hired him to hunt on the nearby planet Kashyyyk. The hunter made dozens of expeditions from Trandosha to Kashyyyk, bringing back horns and pelts from many rare and dangerous prey for his clientele. The natives of Kashyyyk, the Wookiees, eventually became aware of Harno's work however, and placed a bounty on his head for the hunting of endangered animals. Keen to disassociate themselves with the wanted man and keep him quiet, the Trandoshans who had originally hired Harno also placed a bounty on him, leading bounty hunters from both Trandosha and Kashyyyk to try and track the Rodian. Once again on the run, Harno continued to secretly making trips to Kashyyyk and other worlds home to dangerous prey, where his skills were still in high demand despite, or sometimes due to, his criminal notoriety.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

Harno was a green-skinned, black eyed Rodian with a scar located beneath his right eye. Being highly skilled with blasters, especially rifles, and extremely focused on his prey, the hunter was quiet and thoughtful in the field when tracking and totally dedicated to the concept of the hunt. He would attempt to overcome any challenge he encountered, and constantly pushed himself to the edge. After fleeing from his homeworld he pledged that he would someday return with his reputation and honor restored, and For this purpose he kept trophies from his greatest kills for himself, hoping to one day to present them as proof of his worth to his kin back on Rodia.[1]

Harno took offence at the belief of some Rodians that hunting non-sentients was not honorable, although he would hunt other sentients if the situation presented itself, including bounty hunters who attempted to track him down, or in fact anyone who realized he was a wanted man. When not hunting, Harno was an aggressive and loud braggart who was prone to outbursts of violence. He wore his status as a criminal as a badge of honor despite his attempts to restore his reputation. Harno spoke Basics, Rodese, Huttese and Gamorrese.[1]


Harno wore a pair of goggles with yellow lenses, a poncho, fingerless gloves, and a hat with holes to allow his antenna and ears to pass through it. He used a heavy blaster rifle equipped with a bayonet and targeting scope in combat, and also carried three stun grenades.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Harno was created in 2008 as an adversary for players of the Star Wars Roleplaying Game by Wizards of the Coast. He was detailed in an article titled Harno: Rogue Big Game Hunter, which was written by Eric Cagle and published on as part of the Bounty Postings series of articles. The article gives no specific time period of activity for Harno, as he was designed to be usable by players in any era of play. No specific meeting between harno and players is detailed, although it is suggested that they might either meet him while he is out hunting, try and track him down to claim the bounty on him, or be hired by him to help transport cargo before being hunted by him after discovering his identity. As these are simply adventure seeds this article does not assume any of them actually took place.


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