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Harovan Toth was a Human male Infiltrator who served with the Alliance to Restore the Republic during the Galactic Civil War. A native of the planet Reynon, Toth joined the resistance forces on his homeworld before joining the Alliance proper on the planet Dantooine. There, he married Tisha Rostek, and the couple had a daughter, Samona; their happiness was short-lived, however, as Rostek was killed in the Battle of Thovinack. One of the first Alliance Infiltrators, Toth led Scandium Team, which participated in some of the most dangerous battles in the Alliance's early history.

Sometime prior to the Battle of Yavin, Scandium Team participated in a mission to the Wellte-ir system. Encountering elite Imperial armor units, the team received heavy casualties, with only six members surviving out of the twenty-one deployed. The incident became known as the Wellte-ir Massacre. Plagued by the memories of the massacre, Toth was forcibly retired from active combat, drawing a variety of assignments before being assigned to Delta Base, the headquarters for the Suolriep sector, where he served as a patrol pilot and advisor.


Early life[]

Harovan Toth was a Reynonian male born on the planet Reynon,[1] in the Albarrio sector of the Outer Rim Territories,[3] sometime between 41 BBY and 37 BBY.[2] In 19 BBY,[4] Supreme Chancellor Palpatine declared himself Galactic Emperor and reorganized the Galactic Republic into the first Galactic Empire.[5] A young man at the time, Toth joined the resistance movement against the Empire on his homeworld, before being transferred off-planet to join the fledgling Alliance to Restore the Republic at its outpost on the planet Dantooine.[1]

Several weeks after arriving on Dantooine, Toth met Tisha Rostek, a civilian advisor. The two fell in love and married, with their union producing a daughter, Samona. Toth began training as an Infiltrator and, after a year, was one of the Rebellion's first fully-trained infiltration specialists. Despite fighting a war against an enemy with overwhelming numbers, Toth was generally happy with his life. However, when Toth's daughter was eighteen months old, his wife was killed during the Battle of Thovinack. Toth sent Samona to live on the Alliance safe world Isis, where she was raised by Reynonian dissidents.[1]

Scandium Team[]

As the war against the Empire moved into full swing, Toth's involvement intensified, and he accepted command of one of the first Alliance infiltration squads, Scandium Team. The Taloron Korgath served as Toth's first officer, and the unit was broken down into small sub-units,[1] including Unit Theta, led by the Jin Dutra Zeneta;[6] Delta Unit; and Sandstorm Unit, comprising the Ebranite sisters Rith Tar'ak, Nyik, and Tor'ara.[1]

Scandium Team participated in or planned some of the most dangerous missions ever undertaken by the Alliance. Their success rate was phenomenal, mostly due to the unit's tenacity and determination. However, the success rate was coupled to a high mortality rate for operatives. The unit was famed for surviving close encounters with Imperial forces, dealing with underworld figures, and general trouble-making.[1] Scandium Team participated in the Vidicx and Loac Campaigns,[6] as well as the Tynquay Skirmishes, in which they rescued then-Major Airen Cracken. During the Battle of Gendrah-Narvin, Scandium Team's lead pilot, Jouffer Talamiin, was permanently disabled. The Human female Aven Cholus was selected to take her place and soon won Toth's respect. Scandium Team also fought at the planet Fendry. Over the years, Scandium Team lost seven operatives, and several operations had not gone according to plan.[1]

Toth commanded the unit for several years, achieving the rank of Lieutenant Commander by the time of his twentieth mission, an operation to the Wellte-ir system in the Trax sector. On the plains of the planet Bresnan, Scandium Team encountered two units of elite Imperial armor, one of which was later suspected to comprise the Emperor's Royal Guard on field maneuvers. Outnumbered, Scandium Team fought a four-day battle; of the twenty-one members deployed, fifteen were killed during the engagement. Pinned down on the Umber Banks, Scandium Team was eventually extracted by Cholus, who had been delayed by numerous Imperial starfighters.[1]

Toth was forced to retire from active service after Wellte-ir, a situation he was willing to allow. The psychological scars of Scandium Team's last mission plagued Toth's memories, and the newly-promoted commander requested non-combat assignments from all his commanding officers. He was posted at Yavin Base on the moon Yavin 4, and, following the destruction of the first Death Star superweapon during its assault on the Alliance base, Toth was posted to the temporary Thila Command Base. Afterward, Toth was assigned to Delta Base, the Suolriep sector headquarters, on New Kisge. He served as a patrol pilot, content to police the jungle moon, and also occasionally served as an advisor. However, Toth made it clear that he had no intentions of ever returning to active combat duty.[1]

Toth's leadership and organization of Scandium Team was instrumental in assisting General Crix Madine in formally organizing the Alliance Special Forces. Delta Team, the next prominent SpecForce team after Scandium, was named in honor of Scandium's Delta Unit.[1]

Personality and traits[]

Harovan Toth was considered to be the ideal intelligence operative; he was totally nondescript and was of average height, weight, and build. He had brown hair that had started to thin sometime after the Battle of Yavin and green eyes. His combat service had left him with extensive scarring across his body. Formerly a happy man, the death of his wife and the traumatic experiences in the Wellte-ir system changed Toth into a bitter individual plagued by traumatic memories. Toth did find contentment during his assignment to Delta Base, where he enjoyed his duties and was in regular contact with his daughter, who had since begun to serve the Alliance as a pilot, holding the rank of lieutenant.[1]

Skills and abilities[]

A highly-skilled Infiltrator, Harovan Toth was trained to use blasters and was proficient in both melee and unarmed combat. He was especially skilled with a vibroknife and was adept at using ascian daggers as thrown weapons. Toth was trained in stealth disciplines and was perfectly capable of commanding a unit of twenty-eight individuals in combat. He specialized in urban survival techniques and was knowledgeable about alien species and their languages. The inner workings of a bureaucracy were known to Toth, and he was aware of law enforcement policies and procedures, especially ones pertaining to Imperial law.[1]

A skilled pilot, Toth was able to fly both capital ships and space transports, and could plot courses through hyperspace. He could also operate communications systems and sensors. On the ground, Toth was able to ride domesticated animals, preferring Cracian thumpers, and fly repulsorlift craft, with a specialty in T-47 airspeeders. He could also pilot walkers and was skilled in driving All Terrain Scout Transports. Technically adept, Toth was able to program and repair computers, program droids, repair repulsorlift vehicles, and circumvent security systems. He was also skilled in demolitions and trained in first aid, with a particular skill in treating Talorons. As part of Scandium Team's missions involved dealing with the seedier elements of the galaxy, Toth had underworld contacts and was a skilled forger.[1]


By the time of Harovan Toth's posting to Delta Base, he generally wore a flight suit and carried a comlink and a hunting blaster.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Harovan Toth first appeared in the eleventh issue of the Star Wars Adventure Journal, published in 1996 by West End Games. He was featured in the article series "Cracken's Rebel Operatives," which was written by C. Robert Carey and Trevor J. Wilson. The illustration of Toth was provided by Kathy Burdette.


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