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Harp Allor was a human female from the planet Chandrila who lived during the era of the Galactic Empire. Sponsored by Winmey Lenz, a Chandrilan senior senator, Allor became a member of the Apprentice Legislature in 3 BBY. She was described by fellow Apprentice Legislator Princess Leia Organa as being friendly, over-prepared, and unabashedly cheerful, and was one of several Apprentice Legislators to participate in a pathfinding class organized by Queen Breha Organa of Alderaan.[1]



As part of the Apprentice Legislature, Harp attended a pathfinding class alongside Leia Organa, Chassellon Stevis, Sssamm Ashsssen, Amilyn Holdo, Kier Domadi, and an Ithorian, among many other students under the instruction of Chief Pangie of the Chandrilan Pathfinding Corps. The group hiked for five hours before finding a hoversled. Pangie tells the students that it belongs to her, and that they must find their way back to the chalet by nightfall or be kicked from the class, before departing.

As the group slowly made their way back, they argued over the pace they should be going. Harp rushed ahead, but slipped on ice, breaking her left ankle. This caused the group to argue, with some wanting to help Harp and others wanting to continue on, since each student had a tracker which could be used to find Harp after they had made it back. Leia, Kier, Sssamm, and Amilyn stayed with Harp while Chassellon led the rest of the class onward. The four managed to splint and bandage Harp's ankle and get her onto a travois to drag her back. Amilyn cracked a joke, saying "Who would've guessed we'd encounter mortal peril so soon?" This does little to cheer up Harp, who began to cry, apologizing for slowing the group down. Kier comforted her and they soon arrived at a snow-covered slope. Amilyn came up with the idea of making a toboggan out of a tent, and Sssamm held it together.

Chassellon arrived at sunset, shocked to see that the five had made it before him with the injured Harp and were resting by the hearth and drinking mocoa, Harp resting her left foot on a sleeping Sssamm, a new brace on her broken ankle.

Tarkin's Promotion[]

After Harp's broken ankle had healed, she and the other Apprentice Legislature members were invited to a party celebrating the promotion of Wilhuff Tarkin to the rank of Grand Moff. Harp was told by Senator Lenz that he'd introduce her to Tarkin, to which she enthusiastically told her friends.


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