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Harra was a male Twi'lek living on Citadel Station, an orbital space station above Telos IV, in the year 3951 BBY. He worked for Czerka Corporation as a data processor. When Meetra Surik, a former Jedi Knight otherwise known as the Jedi Exile, visited Harra in his apartment, she began to talk with him. He bemoaned that his pay from Czerka was poor but that he was desperate for credits as he had bet his girlfiend, Ramana, on a game of pazaak and lost her to his opponent, Doton Het. Surik offered to try and free Ramana from Het and went to the local cantina to find them. Surik spoke with Het and was able to secure Ramana's release for AurebeshSans-Serif credit2000 and brought her back to Harra's apartment. Ramana was unwilling to go back to Harra, however, and Surik released her from her servitude, allowing Ramana a new chance at life.



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